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Exchange Old Mobile Phone For A Verizon Gift Card With Trade-In

If you have an old mobile phone that you are looking to dispose of  soon, here is something you should be interested in looking at. Verizon has launched a new Trade-In service that lets people to exchange their old mobile phones for a Verizon Gift card. This gift card can be used towards the purchase of your next mobile phone Рon Verizon.

Visitors to shall be asked to input their device model as well as answer several questions regarding the condition of the device like whether it can make calls, if the screen is cracked, etc. and the website shall return an estimated worth of the card. Of course, you shouldn’t be expecting to make a lot from this service. An 8GB iPhone 3G that is in excellent working condition has an appraised value of $12.60. Right, close to nothing. But if you think that’s better than throwing it away, then this new plan is for you. Alternately, you can also donate the phone to charity. Hop over to and let us know how much value did Verizon put on your phone.

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