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Enable Copy-Paste On Android Phones With New CopyAndPaste Application

Why is it that every new smartphone platform in the market has to go through a phase when basic functionalities like copy-paste are not available to users? Anyway, there is a tweak available now for Android phones that will enable this feature. The application is right now in the alpha phase which quite obviously means that there are a lot of bugs that need to be worked on. Developer ‘indexphp123‘ writes,

I have just released an application CopyAndPaste in alpha release onto the market if anyone would like to try it out.

The application is one way of solving the issue of selecting text in android. There are a lot of bugs to be worked on, but the main problem is the inaccuracy of the OCR engine. If enough people find the app useful then I will continue to update it and possibly make it open source.”

You can check out the application as well as monitor the updates from this XDA forum thread here.

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