eLocity A7 Tablet Features Unveiled

Stream TV has announced its plans to launch a new 7-inches Android tablet that is expected to hit the market by next month. Pre-orders for the device shall begin on August 24. In a recent announcement, Stream TV has said that the tablet shall be known eLocity A7 and will feature an unnamed version of the Android OS and a 7-inches touchscreen display that will adorn the device with a 8.2″ x 4.8″ rectangular form factor.

The detailed specs for the tablet are not yet out at the moment though we do know that the eLocity A7 will come with HDMI ports, a front-facing webcam, stereo headset port, a docking station, a microSD card slot and a virtual keyboard.

eLocity A7 Android tablet

Other than this, there is no word on the pricing or the exact launch date. But stay tuned here. An announcement could be coming soon.