Easy Way To Organize Apps On Android

Dragging and dropping apps into folders is considered simple. What more do you want? Actually, while drag and drop functionalities are ideal for a computer environment, it can actually get messy on the limited screen space on your Android phone since you may sometimes be required to drag apps across multiple Home Screens to get to the folder page.

Apps Organizer is an Android app that makes this process extremely simple. The app borrows the idea of labels from Google’s Gmail platform and brings it to the Androd platform. So, with this app installed, you don’t have to create folders and drag and drop apps into them. Instead, you can view a list of all apps inside the Apps Organizer window and assign ‘labels’ to them. So, all gaming apps can be labelled ‘Games’. Also, it is possible to specify more than one label for any given app.

Additionally, the app also lets you create custom icons for each of the labels for easy access. These icons can be placed in any form on the Shortcuts or Widgets menu for quick access. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Android app to organize apps

Apps Organizer is free to download. Check out the QR code below to download the latest version of the app.

Apps Organizer Android App

[via LifeHacker]