Nintendo Wii GameCube Dual Shock Controller Offers Realistic Gaming

A gaming peripheral manufacturer claims to offer realistic gaming experience with the release of the Nintendo Wii & Gamecube Dual Shock controller. The controller comes with standard buttons and controls including the dual analog joystick, D-Pad, four fire action buttons and the three shoulder buttons.

In addition to this, the dual shock controller for Ninendo consoles will also come with a vibration mumble that will provide haptic vibration feedback on the controller that will provide a much higher real-time feel to the games.

Like already mentioned, the controller is compatible with both the Nintendo Wii as well as Nintendo Gamecube. Wii users will need to connect the controller pad to the connectors located on top of Wii (available beneath the flip open plate). At present, the controller is available only in white and retails at $8.65.