Droid Incredible On Best Buy Comes With SLCD & FroYo

We did know that the Droid Incredible was getting its beautiful AMOLED displays replaced with SLCD by the end of this month. But now it looks like the replacement has come faster than thought. Several Best Buy customers have now reported that the Droid Incredible is now available with a new SKU number – ADR6300VW3 – that basically comes with the SLCD displays. Also, these new models appear to come pre-loaded with the new Android 2.2 aka FroYo platform. The Android version that is noted on the new model is which is the same version that was sent over-the-air to existing Droid Incredible not so long ago.

So this is officially the end of the short-lived AMOLED version of the Droid Incredible handset. If you are looking to purchase the new SLCD based handset, hit one of the Best Buy stores to get started.