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Unrevoked Root For Droid Incredible To Get Update Shortly

Droid Incredible received an Over-The-Air update earlier this month. The update was primarily aimed at fixing a few bugs and bringing the VCAST app store to the Incredible handsets. What the update also did was to break the rooting established with the Unrevoked rooting application.

Now, the Unrevoked dev team has announced that a fix is now in the works that will reestablish the rooting that was broken by the OTA update. This is apparently in the testing phase currently and is expected to be shipped shortly. In a tweet posted recently, the Unrevoked Dev Team wrote,

“Inc folks — we’re really sorry for the delay. We have a fix, left to do is testing it and packing it up to ship. Final exams eat time…”

While no ETA has been revealed as yet, we hope it happens by the weekend. We will update you on that when it happens.

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