Downloads Of Adobe Flash On Android Cross 1 Million

Skip this piece if you are an iPhone user lest you love to have heartburns. According to reports, Adobe Flash 10.1 that was launched in August of this year on the Android platform has already crossed the 1 million download mark. As you should be already aware, the Adobe Flash Player 10.1 works only over the latest Android 2.2 platform and is thus an impressive number.

Despite the cynicism that existed before this launch, Adobe has done reasonably well with not too many issues being reported. One major gripe is the way Adobe Flash drains battery life which the company is expected to solve in the upcoming versions. But another issue that Android 2.2 users have reported is the non-rendering of Flash content from some websites. According to Anup Murarka from Adobe, the issue is more so with these individual websites that read the platform as mobile and consequently render non-Flash content. ZDNet reports,

“The issue is that Disney and other sites are reading a mobile device and delivering a site that doesn’t include video. Murarka said that the Flash unit has a swat team that goes around to help make the sites read correctly. It takes time.”