Download Skype For Symbian – New Version Released

Skype has released a new version of its mobile VoIP application for the aging Symbian OS platform. The new Skype v1.1 is compatible with most of the Symbian handsets (3rd edition and 5th edition devices). If you are a Symbian user, you may now access the application either at or download it from the Ovi Store.

One of the most notable aspects about the new Skype application for Symbian is the size of the file – the application consumes just 10Mb of RAM. Early reviews point out that the calls made with the mobile Skype on Symbian are quite “scratchy” though this does not mean it is anyway inferior to other mobile VoIP solutions.

Also, if you are accessing Skype on your Symbian mobile after a long time,expect a little delay in launching up as the application tries to cache up old conversations and contacts. But otherwise, the application is noted to be pretty good. IM messages were received in an instant during tests and latency was found to be minimal.

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