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Download Netflix On Windows Phone 7 Now

Windows Phone 7 users in USA and Canada can now watch their favorite movies and TV shows on their new smartphone. Netflix has announced that their streaming service has now been made available on the Windows Phone 7 App Marketplace and starting today, users can download it for free to their mobile phones.

“Netflix members in both the U.S. and Canada also now have the ability to instantly watch TV shows and movies on their Windows Phone 7 handsets. The application is available in the Marketplace Video Store and is free.”

The timing of the launch is interesting considering that an alternative Netflix app for the Android platform is yet to be made available. The WP7 marketplace is hardly a couple of weeks old and the platform is yet to see widespread traction. On the other hand, Android is already one of the most popular smartphone platforms in North America and it is not clear why Netflix has still not launched their app for Android. It is possible that the movie streaming service had lesser roadblocks on the WP7 platform since it is based on the same Silverlight platform that the Netflix service is built with. Nevertheless, that still may not be the complete explanation.

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