iOS 4.3 Beta Update – New Features Explained

Less than a day after a Netherlands based website had published a rumor claiming that an iOS 4.3 update that will bring personal hotspot to GSM phones is on its way, Apple has announced the release of a beta version of this new iOS firmware that will at present be available to developers. And as expected, personal mobile hotspot is indeed one of the features that will be available with this new update.

Besides this, the new iOS 4.3 update is also expected to come with a number of other enhancements. For one, users should now be able to stream videos from any third party apps to compatible devices over AirPlay. Also, Apple appears to have given in to demands from iPad users who were unhappy with the mute switch. With iOS 4.3, iPad users will now have an additional option in the Settings that will let users set the function of the side switch as either a ‘Orientation lock’ or ‘mute switch’.

In addition to this, the new iOS 4.3 update also appears to have introduced a few additional multitouch controls and modified the FaceTime icon. iOS 4.3 will not be available for iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2G and older devices.