Fedora 14 Linux Distro Now Available For Download

I am not a Linux guy, but for the millions of you who are fans of the open source operating system, here’s the good news. Fedora Linux, the popular open source Linux distro that was all the rage in the community before Ubuntu stole the show, is back with its latest release. The new Fedora 14 Linux distro comes with a number of improvements over the previous release. This includes enhanced remote desktop functionalities, quicker image loading and saving and support for a host of new programming languages. There is also a preview for the new virtualization technology. But the most significant addition is the support for MeeGo technology aimed at making the distro compatible on small screen devices like netbooks.

You can download the latest version of the distro by clicking here. Do let us know about issues and opinion on features in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Fedora 14 Linux Distro Now Available For Download”

  1. Apparently, the Fedora people say that the MeeGo functionality is not really ready to go yet. For a happy experience, perhaps wait for Fedora 15?

  2. Ubuntu sucks.I don’t know if Fed 14 is the usual linux garbage yet.
    Sure the opensource concept is great but in reality it works about as well as anarchy as a governing system.

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