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New Blackberry Desktop Manager Available For Download

A new version of the Blackberry Desktop Manager has now been posted online and is now available for download. This latest release, version may not be the official release, but gives all the early birds an opportunity to look into all the new updates that is now available with the software. Some major enhancements provided with the new BDM include

  • Microsoft Outlook & Exchange 2010 64-bit are now supported
  • Administrator silent install
  • Organizer sync improved
  • Wi-Fi sync streaming now supported for over SSL (BlackBerry 6)

Do note that this is a beta version and could carry bugs. Also, there is apparently no support for Macs as yet. So if you are not one of the Windows people, you may have to hold on for some more time. Otherwise, click here to go ahead and download this latest version of Blackberry Desktop Manager.

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