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Bug Allowing App Source Code Download On WP7 Marketplace Revealed

App pirates just need a reason to crack into proprietary applications for a free download. And that is now child’s play thanks to a significant glitch in the Microsoft App Hub system that lets any user check out the source code link for the apps and download them. The bug here is apparently in the way the Zune software pulls information about the WP7 apps using an ATOM XML feed. Consequently, it is just a matter of checking out the feed for the XAP Package address and downloading the source.

Microsoft is apparently aware of the issue and had in fact advised app developers to encrypt details before app submission. But this advice was offered only earlier this month and has not been viewed by several developers who submitted their applications earlier.

Nevertheless, the chances of pirated apps being distributed elsewhere is slim considering that such pirated apps can only be viewed over emulators and cannot be made to run on WP7 devices. That’s the sole consolation for now.

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