Increase HTC EVO 4G Battery Life With Mugen Battery Pack

HTC EVO 4G is definitely one of the hottest Android handsets to have shipped lately. But the enhanced functionalities on the new EVO 4G has also meant that the battery drains down faster than ever. Some users have complained that their Sprint EVO 4G does not last even a day.

Now here’s a new battery pack that could literally double your EVO’s battery life. The HLI-A9292XL Mugen battery pack comes with a capacity of 3,200mAh that is more than double the 1500mAh capacity that HTC EVO 4G’s native battery has to offer. It is marginally thicker at 20mm, but should that matter when you know you can now run through several more hours of internet surfing and videos?

You may have to hold on for a bit though. The new Mugen battery pack starts shipping only around the 13th of next month and shall come priced at $97. If you realize that this money is going to be well worth the investment, then go ahead and check out on the Mugen batteries website.