Wikipedia Fundraising Ends – Celebrates A Decade Of Existence

Wikipedia has just ended their month and a half long fundraising efforts. The website now has a massive ‘Thank You‘ banner noting that this was “shortest fundraiser” the organization has ever had.

Wikipedia Thank You

What’s more, 2011 is also the tenth year since Jimmy Wales started Wikipedia as a community project. The website is now the fifth most visited website on the internet and though its traffic rivals those from the likes of Google and Facebook, the not-for-profit group only has close to 50 people on its payroll.

Jimmy Wales has listed out some interesting statistics about the latest fundraiser

  • Over 500,000 donations to the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Almost 130,000 donations to the local Wikimedia chapters world-wide.
  • Two of the largest fundraising days in Wikipedia history.
  • Average donation size: about $22.

Though Wikipedia may no longer be actively seeking donations from its website visitors, interested people may still make their donations by visiting this link.

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