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Does Steve Jobs Have Not Long Left?

According to a tabloid published in National Enquirer, Steve Jobs would not survive for more than six weeks apparently. Well for now, this is only a rumor, but National Enquirer has also published pictures of Steve Jobs outside the Stanford cancer Center. Looking at the pictures, one can definitely say that Jobs looks awfully thin and frail. Jobs is suffering from pancreatic cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy for the same now. The tabloid has also reported that Jobs dropped around 45 pounds of weight after he has started his treatment for cancer in the past 6 weeks. Also, his hair is thinning which would only suggest that the treatment is intense and so is his disease.

Steve Jobs took an indefinite leave from office citing medical conditions (his third in the last 9 months). Steve Jobs is due to meet President Barack Obama today in California at the US hitech-gurus meet.

Can’t afford to lose you Steve. Hope the news is a rumor.

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