Does iOS 4.2 Upgrade Improve Battery Life Of iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch?

A question to iOS device users – has the battery life on your iPhone or iPad improved after you upgraded to the latest iOS? We had recently written about a persisting problem faced by iPod Touch owners since the iOS 4.0 update that caused the battery on their devices to drain out rapidly. The issue does not seem to have gone away with the latest iOS update either.

However according to a recent note by Nokia Siemens, the latest iOS update brings a new technology that was developed by Apple in partnership with the company that could improve the battery life of the iDevice to a great extent. Called the Network Controlled Fast Dormancy (NFCD), this technology creates an optimal interface between awake and sleep modes that will help in minimizing battery spent during network reconnectivity while also idling during user inactivity. The note reads,

All this disconnecting and reconnecting takes time and can cause a frustratingly slow network response. On the other hand, leaving the smartphone in an active mode all the time drains the battery very quickly. To overcome the problem Nokia Siemens Networks introduced a method that, instead of putting the handset into idle or keeping it always active, keeps the handset in an intermediate state. From here, a smartphone can wake up much more quickly and needs to send far fewer signals to and from the network to start a data connection. You get a fast network response and a longer battery life.”

We wonder how much NFCD has improved battery performance in reality. Comment on your experiences.