DivCam Omni-Focus Camera Produces Blur-less Images

Cameras, no matter how many megapixels they come with, focus either on the near object or the object at a distance which means the other part of the image is always blurred out. A new Omni-focus technology developed by Professor Keigo Iizuka at the University of Toronto enables a camera to focus on near and distant objects simultaneously thus producing stunningly sharp images.

Omni focus camera

He calls it a “Divergence-ratio Axi-vision Camera” or DivCam. CrunchGear explains the technology as follows,

“Traditional cameras could make it happen using an extremely small aperture. At F/22, a common minimum aperture value, you’re essentially getting a pinhole image, and the way the light is bent and re-bent results in the entire image being in one focal plane. I doubt this new device is simply a pinhole camera, though.”

[via CrunchGear]