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How To Deposit Checks Online With iPhone

If you are a Chase bank customer, here is some real simple way to now deposit checks with just a tap of a virtual button. Chase bank has announced some really cool new features on its iPhone application. One of the biggest additions, as you can read from the title of the post is that users can now deposit checks virtually from their iPhone.

This is how it works – Users looking to deposit a check have to take a picture of the front and back of the check. This can now be uploaded via the Chase iPhone app via the QuickDeposit feature. The functionality is very similar to the recently introduced Chase Bank ATM systems where deposited checks are immediately scanned.
Chase Bank iPhone App QuickDeposit

Besides the free QuickDeposit feature, the Chase Bank iPhone app also includes a lot of other interesting features. For instance, the new QuickPay allows users to send money to other users like they would using Paypal. Users may simply send money to the recipient’s email address. The user does not require a Chase Bank account.

The only disappointment is that the app is still not ready for Android. We wonder how long it would be before Android users too get to enjoy these exciting new features.

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