Dell Windows 7 Tablet Previwed

Dell has a previewed a non-working prototype of a Windows 7 tablet. This tablet which is called the Windows 7 Business Tablet (have you observed, the name of Dell’s name does not feature here) measures 10 inches and it is aimed at providing greater mobility. Dell although, has not mentioned any specs or price of the tablet except that the tablet would run on an Intel processor. The Windows 7 Business Tablet would be launched sometime this year according to Dell.

According to Steven Lalla, the vice-president of Dell’s commercial group, the new tablet based on Windows offers more choice now for managing their IT. Dell has also stated that businesses who prefer Androids over Windows can also get their wish on the same hardware. Now that all the Androids are running on ARM architecture which is the same as used in iPad, this new tablet from Dell is sure to offer interesting choices to businesses.