Dell Studio XPS 9100 Review Of Features & Price

Yet another Studio desktop is out from the stables of Dell and it looks much better than the impressive device we had discussed just over a couple of months ago. Back in May, I had written about the new Dell Studio XPS 7100 that came with a Hexa-core/Quad-Core AMD Phenom II processor, up to 16GB RAM and 1,5TB of storage.

With the new Dell Studio XPS 9100, you will get a computer powered by Intel Core i7 processor, internal memory of up to 24GB of RAM, storage space of up to 4TB and a Radeon HD 5970 graphics card. The device is set to come installed with Windows 7 OS and will also feature Blu-Ray/DVD burner, ethernet, Wi-Fi and a built-in card reader.

One thing that you may be disappointed is the price. At $945, it is not exactly ultra-expensive. But if you were to compare this with the $499 price tag on the Dell Studio XPS 7100, you can’t help but think how long before this one drops to a price closer to the 7100.

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945.00? Not with the configuration listed in the article! You guys need to keep apples with apples. The configuration listed goes for about 2K.

I would like to know where you guys are getting these PCs for under 1K, unless you are talking Euros.

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