Price Of Dell Streak In USA Announced – Sort Of

Someone at Dell should be feeling the heat today. After announcing that the much awaited Dell Streak is on sale in the USA, the Dell site pulled the message back claiming that those were part of some site-testing. Then, a blog post goes live claiming the price of Dell Streak and Dell Aero in the US which has since then been pulled down. Again.

Anyway, that should not bother the excited users who are eagerly looking for the price of the new smartphone/tablet device from Dell.  What the blog post did indicate was that the new Dell Streak shall be priced at $549.99 in the US market without a contract. Now if you find that too expensive, you can alternatively choose to go for a two year contract with AT&T that will fetch you the device at a subsidized cost of $299.99.

Incidentally, the pre-order lines for Dell Streak are no longer open. Now, that could mean that the official launch announcement should be here anytime soon. Just be on hold.

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  1. Are you guys blind? Just check again pre-sale is still on..plz dont misguide anyone

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