Dell Streak 7 Tablet Review

Deemed to be the cheapest tablet produced to date by a leading manufacturer (priced only 200$), Dell and T-Mobile have brought this cheap tablet out on a two year service contract. When I say cheap, a customer would only get what he/she pays for. The Dell Streak 7, which costs as much as any Android smartphone and also has the ability to run 4G networks actually compromises on a lot of features and specs.

This Android based tablet which runs on the nVidia’s Tegra 2 processor has a disappointing software, battery life and screen resolution. The screen size of the new Dell tablet is 7 inches which Steve Jobs has condemned when suggested forthe iPad. On the brighter side, the strengths are its light weight, ability to play flash videos and front and rear cameras (the last two features are still missing on Apple’s products).

On the whole, nothing much to get excited about the Dell Streak 7 tablet.