What is the next step for mobile gaming?

Technology has continued to grow from strength to strength with the continual improvements of mobile phones, the introduction of tablets and the innovative design of Google Glass, but what is coming next for mobile gaming? One thing that most gamers are calling for is improved graphics, but it may be difficult to fetch the very best graphics to mobile devices without compromising the speed at which the game and device runs. One example could be the use of first-person shooters, and how this can be developed and controlled on mobile devices.

Increasing the graphic capabilities of any games – be it poker, multiplayer or simulation – would also mean increasing the memory and battery capabilities of the mobile devices used. There is nothing worse than being half way through a game and it stuttering and stopping, or your battery giving in and the screen going black. Most people are looking forward with a mixture of hope and scepticism to the days when you no longer have to carry chargers round with you when you’re nipping out for a few hours.

But what about hands free; is Google Glass the future of mobile gaming? Imagine walking along the street playing in a poker tournament and still being able to see everything and avoid walking into lampposts, or having your favourite multiplayer game in the corner of your vision and controlling it with your voice, leaving your hands free to do anything else needed.

Although there is of course the fact that Glass isn’t the most visually pleasing device and you might feel rather stupid walking down the street and looking as though you’re talking to yourself. However with it being the first generation it might just be too much for hearts to take when they want to do something, but the technology just isn’t that advanced yet.

Closer to the here and now though is the successful development of cross-platform gaming. Walking home playing football on your mobile or maybe a quick casino game, and being unable to pause and change it to your larger screen once indoors has long been the bane of many a gamer’s life. EA Casual Entertainment is one of several companies to announce they will be publishing games across various platforms allowing this magical transition to take place. Whatever the future of mobile gaming may be, for now you can play at the best Poker tables around.