iOS Alarm Bug – iPhone Alarms Going Off 1 Hour Late In USA & Europe

In late September, iPhone users in New Zealand were awakened an hour earlier than scheduled due to a bug in the iPhone alarm. The bug apparently hit the users after the country switched to Daylight Savings Time. A week later, users in Australia too reported the issue. Now, as Europe and large parts of Northern Hemisphere made their shift from DST to Standard Time, the iOS bug has hit once again. But unlike the issue faced by the users down under, European users have been complaining that the alarm seems to be going off an hour late – if you are late to work or school, show the authorities this news piece for excuse!

Interestingly, it is not just Europe. Users in North America; particularly USA are also complaining about starting to notice the bug. This is despite the fact that Standard Time does not begin at least a week from now. The reason is because the iPhone is apparently hardcoded with the DST switchover dates which were apparently pushed back by a week a few years back in some places. As a result, the American users are seeing the bug ahead of schedule.

If you are “bugged” by this issue, there are two alternatives – Either schedule your alarm an hour earlier or move away from recurring alarms for the time being. Setting the clock manually everyday does not cause this problem. Eitherway, the issue is only a short term inconvenience since the bug shall be fixed with the upcoming version of iOS that is expected to be released in the next week.

Pre-Order Samsung Galaxy Tab On T-Mobile From Amazon

Looking to purchase Samsung Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile? Then you should probably hit their retail stores. The device costs $399 with a 2 year contract and is available unsubsidized for $599. But in any case you want to pre-order one right away from Amazon, get ready to shell out $50 more. Amazon has just put up their T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab up for pre-order at $699 – that’s still $50 lower than the original retail price of $749 and is unsubsidized.

So what does the pre-order mean? It means your device won’t arrive until the 10th of November. Amazon notes that the Tab will be officially released on November 9 and give one day for shipping which means you should get the device by the 10th.

The Galaxy Tab is available at a range of different prices depending on where you are purchasing them from. Check out our Galaxy Tab page for the other prices.

Pre-Order HTC HD7 On T-Mobile From Wal-Mart – Pricing Announced

Windows Phone 7 fans in the US eagerly awaiting to get hold of the soon-to-launch HTC HD7 handsets can now begin pre-ordering the device from Wal-Mart. The popular discount retailer has announced that the new smartphone will be available at a price of $149 along with a T-Mobile contract. That is pretty cheap if you will realize that going through T-Mobile directly will cost the buyer an additional $50. Wal-Mart should be launching the device officially on November 8 – that’s just a week away.

You wouldn’t need this, but in case you are wondering about the specs and features on this new device, well, it comes with a 1GHz processor, a 512MB RAM, 720p video recording facility and a decent 16GB storage capacity. While the features are more or less on par with most other smartphones in the market today, do note that they are relatively better simply because the Windows Phone 7 OS is better optimised for performance which means a 1GHz processor and 512MB RAM work better on a WP7 phone than on another OS.

How To Record HD Videos On iPhone 3GS

Apple is notorious for building hardware capable of handling advanced technology and yet disabling them with their software. Now if you are with an iPhone 3GS, you may not have HD video recording enabled even though the ARM Cortex processor is perfectly capable of handling them. So how do you get it enabled then?

Firstly, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone. You do know the risks involved right? Jailbreaking can void your warranty and can even brick your device. So the risk is all yours. Once done, you need to install OpenSSH for iPhone. Go to the Cydia App Store and install this application. You can use Cyberduck to SSH with a Mac or if you are on Windows, use WinSCP. The connection settings are

  • IP address: available from the Settings —>WiFi —> Network Name (the name of your WiFi network which, hopefully for security sake, is not the default “linksys”)
  • Username: root
  • Password: alpine
  • Protocol: SFTP for Cyberduck and SCP for WinSCP

Done? Now download and extract it. The folder has 4 files. Of these, copy the N88AP.list file to /System/Library/CoreServices/ and the other 3 files (AVCapture.plist, CameraRollValidator.plist, MediaValidator.plist) to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Celestial.framework/N88/

That is it. Reboot your iPhone 3GS and you should be done.

[via IntoMobile]

Motorola Droid 2 Global Price Revealed

A number of things that we wrote about the Droid 2 Global in September are apparently turning out to be correct. Firstly, such a phone is indeed coming. Secondly, the phone could actually be coming out in a white variant as earlier predicted. And finally, what we didn’t know this far, is that the unit could be sold at a price of $199.99 – presumably with a contract.

These details come from a leaked screenshot of an inventory database at popular American membership warehouse club Costco. The details revealed from the screenshot include the fact that the upcoming Android device will be available in two colors and that it will be available at a $200 price point.

The Droid 2 Global is considered to be a world-ready phone that will support GSM as well as CDMA functionalities and it has often been rumored that Verizon could shelf its original Droid 2 in favor of this upgraded variant.

VLC Player For iPad & iPhone May Be Banned

Here is some sad news. VLC Player, the popular media player application that can run almost every file format may be removed from the App Store soon. The application made its way in just last week. It is said that this is because the application violates the GNU General Public License that the software is distributed under. These licenses stipulate that any software under GNU must be capable of being copied freely and distributed by the user. But with the Apple App Store, every app is stamped with DRM that makes it impossible for such sharing to take place. In other words, such a GNU-licensed app cannot make it to the App Store.

The copyright infringement complaint in this regard was filed by Rémi Denis-Courmont; an original developer of the VLC player. The iPhone app remains on the App Store as of now. But that can change pretty soon.

eBay Group Buying Site – GroupGifts Launches

eBay has launched a new group buying portal that will let a group of friends or family members to get together in purchasing an item. Group buying is not entirely new to the internet landscape, but when eBay does it, it can be big. The new service will let members of a group pitch in with their own contributions and notes that will all add up towards the purchase of the product. Any item that is available for purchase and is not up on bids can be purchased this way.

The USA Today explains how it works,

“Anything on eBay that’s available immediately, rather than up for bid, can be purchased this way starting today at If members of an extended family wanted to buy a gift for one member, one person would choose a gift — or have one recommended by eBay — and invite family members to chip in using Facebook or e-mail. Those who wanted to join in would choose an amount to contribute (or agree to pay a requested amount) and pay using either PayPal or a credit card. They could also add a personal note. If enough people don’t chip in, the organizer can ask people to contribute more or choose a less expensive gift.”

What do you think of this new service?

Price Of Samsung Galaxy Tab In India Announced – Launch November 10

If you have been reading all the rave reviews about the Samsung Galaxy Tab and were wondering if you can get hold of one soon, the answer is yes. Samsung has announced that their highly anticipated Android tablet computer will launch in India on November 10. And the price is pretty nice too – Rs. […]

If you have been reading all the rave reviews about the Samsung Galaxy Tab and were wondering if you can get hold of one soon, the answer is yes. Samsung has announced that their highly anticipated Android tablet computer will launch in India on November 10. And the price is pretty nice too – Rs. 38,000.

The pricing is pretty neat when you compare that this is just marginally higher than the higher end smartphones in the country. For that matter, the iPhone 4 is speculated to be priced around Rs. 40,000 when it launches. That means that the Galaxy Tab will find appeal among a number of users in the upper middle class.

India is among the first three major markets to get the Galaxy Tab. But if you are waiting for more options or competition to drive down prices, probably you should wait until January. That is when the Notion Ink Adam is speculated to launch. The iPad, well that is always going to be pricey – so doesn’t matter.

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Notion Ink Adam User Interface – Browser Tabs & Panels

Notion Ink Adam is now pretty close to being a reality than ever. As noted in the earlier post, the device is expected – or at least rumored – to launch in December 2010 in the United States and in January 2011 in a number of other countries. In a blog post published recently, founder Rohan Shravan has revealed some finer details about the user interface designs of the Adam.

Firstly, the browser tabs. Notion Ink has a pretty interesting way to handle multitasking on the browser. Unlike Android tablets where the users are forced to  “go hit menu and then “tabs opened” then select the one you want“, Adam has a fanned-list of open windows on the left from where the user can tap and open the window they want. Like the example below.

NotionInk Adam browser

It will be interesting to see how this model works when there is a huge list of open windows.

Another thing that Notion Ink talks about is the panel. Not much is discussed about it right now, though Shravan says that the panel designs will first be reviewed by those getting access to EAP and SDK.

Meanwhile, check out a video demo of Adam’s audio and 1080p video capabilities. The syncing is a bit off, but that’s more so the fault of the filming rather than the device.