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Angry Birds App For iPhone & iPad Downloaded 10 Million Times

If you own an Apple or Android phone, chances are that you have definitely heard of this game called Angry Birds. Though I personally find nothing addictive about this, apparently so many people actually are, and the application – since its release in December 2009 – has now been downloaded 10 million times from the App Store. That number is inclusive of the original Angry Birds series, then a Lite version that was added in February 2010, the HD version for iPad and also the recently launched versions for Halloween. The Halloween variants for iPhone and iPad alone sold one million copies inside six days which puts the momentum of popularity gained by the developer in recent times into perspective.

Sometimes success can be a vicious cycle and one of the major reasons to Angry Birds success can be it being featured all along on the App Store. The app now has been rated by over 300,000 users and still manages a mind boggling 5-star.

What’s it about the Angry Birds game that you think makes it so addictive?


US DVD Rental Service RedBox Streaming Movies Soon

Like Netflix, RedBox too has made its name as a DVD rental company in the United States. And like Netflix, the company too plans to slowly move away from DVD rental to movie streaming. The company has announced that it will be entering the movie streaming business starting 2011. There is no word on who the streaming partner will be and whether RedBox intends to pursue a subscription plan model like Netflix. But from the looks of it, the company could well offer a subscription plan. A survey conducted by RedBox among customers in April this year had asked for their opinion on a $3.95 monthly plan that would include unlimited streaming in addition four free DVD rentals.

RedBox could be exploring a competitive offering to take on Netflix. The latter has been working on a streaming-only future for its business in the US. By offering a cheaper monthly subscription that additionally offers free DVD rentals, RedBox could drastically rise its competitive advantage over its rival.

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HD Video Recording On Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 To Come With Android 2.1 Update

If you own an Xperia X10, keep looking out for a new update that is now being offered to the handset. This update will install Android 2.1 to the handset besides offering new features like 720p HD video recording, backup and restore application, new homescreens and a Facebook integrated phonebook. Xperia X10 Pro and Mini users will also receive updates for improved Bluetooth functionalities with support for sending pictures, contacts, etc.

Now because the update is significantly big, it will not be offered over the air. Instead, users will see a notification on their phones to update the software via the Sony Ericsson PC Companion app. The first of the phones should start receiving the update on October 31st with the distribution to extend all through the month of November. So if you don’t seem to be receiving your update soon enough, don’t get restless!


Notion Ink Adam Price & Release Date Revealed?

Rohan Shravan from Notion Ink is quite candid in his blog posts. But we are yet to hear an official confirmation with respect to the launch date and price  of Adam even though the tentative dates and numbers have been doing the rounds. It is thus interesting that the Notion Ink design team has already released some interesting numbers to a potential customer. I for sure cannot guarantee the veracity of these numbers and dates, but this is what the Notion Ink team apparently said in an email response, (as an aside, click here to read through all the info and rumors we have about the Notion Ink Adam till now)

Dear Eli,

Greetings from Notion Ink!

We really appreciate your concern. We would like to inform you that, Adam will be launched in November 2010. It will be available for purchase in the U.S by December 2010 and in other countries by January 2011. You can purchase it online.

The cost of Adam will range from 399 USD to 499 USD depending on the variant you want to buy. There are four variants:
1. LCD with Wi-Fi only ($399),
2. LCD with Wi-Fi and 3G ($449),
3. PQ with Wi-Fi only ($449),
4. PQ with 3G and Wi-Fi ($498).

All have multi-touch facility. We would also suggest you go through our blog and website for all the details which are in the public domain. If you have any specific question we would be happy to reply.

Warm Regards
Notion Ink Design Labs

Sounds close enough to be true. What do you think about the prices?

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Free VoIP App For Android, iPhone, Blackberry & Windows Mobile From netTalk

There are a number of VoIP applications for the iOS and Android platforms now that you really don’t want one another service. But netTalk, whose apps for the mobile platform were only recently released, comes with a number of other features that really makes it an interesting service that you should check out.

As the title suggests, netTalk lets users make free VoIP calls to their friends and family. The free service is restricted to contacts inside USA and Canada though. These calls can be made either via 3G, EDGE or Wi-Fi networks. In addition to free VoIP calls, the netTalk app also includes support for conference calling, the ability to record conversations as well as contact import from the smartphone to the app. This will serve as a good way to backup your contacts in case you happen to lose them.

The team is already reported to be working on a future version that will include support for low-rate international calling and the ability to link to a netTalk DUO number that can be connected to a computer.

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New Feature Rich Facebook Games Portal Launching Soon

Facebook is said to be getting ready to launch a new feature rich gaming portal that will offer a centralized place for all Facebook gamers to find and play all their favorite games. The social network has close to 200 million monthly gamers and the new portal will have Facebook partnering with a number of developer partners in this launch.

This news is still a rumor and although Facebook has not completely denied it, they have said that the games team is “working on building features to make it easier for people to discover and re-engage with games”. That definitely sounds like a rational explanation for the resources being put into this new portal.

The games portal shall be an extension of the gaming dashboard that Facebook launched in September of this year. This upcoming launch should centralize the whole gaming experience. The portal is rumored to launch by mid-November.

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Verizon Unlimited Mobile Calling & Texting Tested

Verizon is reported to be testing a new unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling plan for some of their customers. According to a report on the Engadget, Verizon has been trying out this new plan in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and “select markets” in Texas, Tennessee, and Florida. Such unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling would be carrier agnostic which means it does not really matter what carrier the recipient is on. Also, unlimited texting could be in the offing that could appeal to a lot of people who, you know, text a lot.

How much do you think you will pay for such a service? The trial plans are said to be offered at between $60 and $130 for individual and family plans respectively. These plans also come with 450 to 2000 minutes – that could be useful for those calls you make to landlines.

These test plans are expected to be valid until the end of this year post which Verizon is expected to take a call on whether to expand or shut the idea.


Watch TV On iPhone & iPad From Anywhere With Tizi TV Hotspot

You must have heard of mobile hotspot devices like the Verizon MiFi that help you set up a WiFi network anywhere over the carrier’s 3G network. Now, Equinux, a Germany based company has launched a service called Tizi that will work like a mobile wireless hotspot, except that it is for television signals. That means, you can set up a TV signal receiver from anywhere just like you can for broadband hotspot.

Using Tizi, iPhone and iPad users can get access to digital TV while on the move. The product comes with an iOS app that is compatible with iOS 3.2 and iOS 4+. The application will run on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3G/4G and the iPad. Tizi will offer 3.5 hours of video playback and also comes with a Li-Ion battery replacement that is rechargeable.

Tizi is expected to initially launch in the European market at a price of €149.9 (£129). You can check out the product website at for more information.

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CDMA iPhone On Verizon Confirmed

Fortune magazine has confirmed that a CDMA iPhone on the Verizon network in the US is coming soon. In an article titled ‘Get ready for Verizon’s Dream Phone‘, Fortune says,

Fortune has confirmed that a Verizon iPhone will be released in early 2011.”

That doesn’t sound like anything more than what we have heard from several other sources already. However, given the frequency of reports in this direction over the past few weeks, we may have to give in to the fact that a Verizon iPhone is a reality this time.

That is also supported by the recent launch of the Apple iPad on the Verizon network earlier this month. The deal is being seen as a precursor to a deeper partnership between the two companies that should then inevitably include the distribution of iPhones. Pegatron and Foxconn are reported to be manufacturing these CDMA handsets the first of which will probably be released in early 2011.

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Use Flickr Without A Yahoo Login ID – Use Google Instead

Want to use Flickr to upload and share pictures, but want to do it without a Yahoo login ID? It was not possible until now. But Yahoo has now announced that the company is embracing OpenID in order to ensure more widespread use of their popular photo sharing service. Google is the first company to partner with Yahoo in the introduction of OpenID.

Starting now, you may sign up for a Flickr account with your Google login ID instead. This is interesting because Google runs Picasa, the rival photo sharing service. By letting users access Flickr with their login, Google could be increase the appeal of Flickr over Picasa. Nevertheless, this is a big win for users as they can now get the best of both worlds.

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