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Android 2.2 On HTC EVO 4G

You were waiting for this, weren’t you? Android 2.2 a.k.a Froyo has just been made available on the most awaited Android handset of recent times, HTC EVO 4G. This is according to reports on XDA Developers forum who have accomplished this feat.

The HTC EVO 4G has been in news lately, not only because it is hitting the stores later this week, but also because the device got rooted even before its official release.

If you are excited to watch Froyo in action on HTC EVO 4G, hit the play button on the video below

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Amazon Gadgets

New Kindle Reader To Look Like A Real Book

There have been several rumors swirling around over the new Kindle eReader that is expected to launch in August of this year. Following Amazon’s acquisition of touchscreen technology company, TouchCo earlier this year, it was being speculated that the next generation Kindle will come with a touch screen. Also, with competition from the likes of iPad heating up, a color-eReader was also very much expected.

However, according to sources who spoke to Bloomberg, the new Kindle eReader will neither have a touch screen nor will come with a color screen. The absence of a color screen is not surprising. Jeff Bezos had told his investors at the company’s annual shareholders meeting,

“I’ve seen some stuff in the laboratory, but it’s not quite ready for prime-time production,”

However, the sources have indicated that the new Kindle will now come with a thinner hardware and a much sharper and responsive screen. The focus of the new launch seems to be on making the book reading experience as much as a pleasure for the traditional book readers.

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Mobile Samsung

New Samsung Ad Network For Phones And TV

Samsung may be following in the footsteps of Apple to launch its own ad network that will be targeted at its smartphone and television customers. According to a report on Forbes, Samsung could be launching this ad network once it is done with an implementation of its app store.

There is no word out on whether work on this has already commenced. It is speculated that Samsung may as well acquire an ad network instead of launching a network from scratch. Considering the Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer’s inexperience in this space, it only seems like the wise thing to do.

“[It]could give companies an incentive to opt for Samsung’s devices if they believe more exposure and money are better. Samsung fares poorly in smartphones but is one of the largest TV and home electronics companies, giving any advertiser a strong incentive to do business.”

[Forbes via Electronista]

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First Samsung 3G Dual-Sim Touchscreen Phone Launches

Samsung has quite a lot of dual-SIM phones for the emerging markets in Asia, Africa and Europe though none of these handsets support 3G connectivity. However, with 3G spectrum becoming available in countries including India, the company has now been releasing new dual-SIM phones that also offer 3G connectivity.

The new Samsung B7722 and B7702 phones are in this category. Some of the specs they come with include

3.2 inches display
240 x 432 resolution
5 megapixel camera
EDGE and HSDPA connectivity
Wi-Fi connectivity
Social network integration
FM Radio

The phones are expected to be priced around $400 and should launch in Europe in June.

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Social Media

Most Popular Location Based Services

In some parts of the world, location based services like Foursquare and Gowalla are the rage. It is yet to catch on in other areas, but there are encouraging signs that this is the future considering how the segment is growing.

Here are the top five location based services in terms of number of registered users

1. : 3 million users
2. MyTown : 2 million
3. BrightKite : 2 million
4. Foursquare : 1.1 million
5. Gowalla : 250,000

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Gadgets Samsung

Samsung N230 Tech Specs And Launch

Samsung has unveiled their latest netbook PC that is expected to hit the stores next month. The new Samsung N230 netbook packs all the standard features that are available in the market today and appears to be targeted at the non-technie business audience. Here are some features and specs we know so far

Display : 10.1 inches 1024 x 600 resolution
Processor : 1.66Ghz Intel N450 Atom processor
Memory : 1GB RAM
Storage : 160GB HDD
Platform : Windows 7 Starter edition
Glossy Lid
Faux-Aluminium palm rest
Chrome hinges
Rimless chiclet keyboard

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Gadgets HTC

HTC Tablet For Women In The Works?

Is a tablet PC targeted specifically at the female users in the works? It looks likely following a recent statement by HTC’s Vice President of European Operations, Dr. Florian Seiche. According to Seiche, an in-house study has revealed that women prefer using a tablet PC to stay in touch with their friends and family while also watching some TV.

If HTC is indeed serious about this, then it is probable for us to expect a tablet-PC with TV tuner soon. While we are not sure about the other details, it seems likely that this tablet shall run on Android OS.

We will post more details about this as we know them.

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Apple Gaming

Prince Of Persia Classic On iPhone/iPad For $0.99

Prince of Persia
I can’t wait to finish this post and rush to my iPhone. Prince of Persia is surely one of the most loved games of all time and it is now available on the App Store. Ubisoft has announced that the full retro classic version of Prince of Persia will be available as a universal application on the App Store.

That means, users shall be able to play the game both on the iPhone and iPad at dirt cheap $0.99. This has to be one of the cheapest, yet most awaited game on the iPad. If you can’t wait to download this, check it out at the App Store by clicking here.


Clevo D900F Notebook Tech Specs And Price

NVIDIA’s much awaited GeForce GTX 480M Fermi GPU is finally here. The powerful GPU is now available on Clevo D900F gaming notebook for all you gamers. It has an enormously powerful set of technical specifications, but the price of the notebook is pretty much on the higher side too. Clevo D900F notebooks are on sale at a starting price of $2,959.

Display : 17″ Wide Viewing Angles WUXGA
Processor : Intel Core i7 Extreme
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285M/480M/3800M
Memory : 12GB DDR3 SDRAM
Storage : 500GB or 750GB
Camera : 3 megapixel digital video camera

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Asus Gadgets

Asus UL20FT Technical Specifications Revealed

Asus is reported to be working on an updated Asus UL20a notebook PC with the latest ULV chipsets that could be dubbed the Asus UL20FT. The new notebook PC will resemble the UL20a in a variety of dimensional specifications though, thanks to new chipsets, is expected to be blazingly faster.

Here are some of the tech specs that we think we know

Display : 12.1 inches, 1366 x 768 pixel resolution
Processor : 1.02GHz Intel Celeron U3400 or 1.2GHz Intel Core i3-330UM
Memory : 4GB DDR3 RAM
Storage : 500GB
Weight : 3.5 pounds
Battery : 6 cell with 8 hours estimated battery life

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