Motorola RAZR3 – The Phone That Was Not To Be [Video Demo]

Motorola RAZR3 was supposed to be launched in early 2009. However, the company made a last minute decision to do away with the project and instead focus on Android devices. The decision has since then paid off. Motorola had a huge turnaround with the launch of Motorola Droid. However Motorola RAZR fans might have always wanted to have experienced this phone that never came to fruition.

The device had a 5 megapixel camera with LED Flash, GSM HSPA modem, GPS, Nuance voice recognition and a physical lock switch. Here is a video demo of the phone

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Asus UL30A On O2 Tech Specs And Price Announced

O2 has announced the launch of a new Asus UL30A netbook PC for business travellers. The netbook is 3G based allowing you to do away with the dongle. The device shall launch in May and will come with a 2 year contract that will set you back by £30 a month.

Here are the notable features and tech specs on Asus UL30A

13.3″ HD screen
Windows 7 Premium OS
Intel ULV Core 2 Duo processor
3GB Internal memory
320GB hard drive storage

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LG Working On Phone With Customizable Color Displays

Want to carry a phone that matches the color of your shirt? LG has a solution for that. In what is termed as an attempt to offer “visual amusement” to the user, the company has filed a patent application for a color detection sensor that will offer an easy way for users to customize the color of the backlight, icons by simply pointing their camera at objects.

The inventors write,

“a color of an object disposed adjacent to the mobile terminal 100, for example, a color of a cloth of a shirt 10 (i.e., “color 1”), may be determined (or sensed) by a color detection sensor 141 of the mobile terminal 100. The color detection sensor 141 may scan light having a specific wavelength over an object (e.g., the cloth of the shirt 10) and then measure a wavelength of the light reflected from the object to sense a color of the cloth of the shirt 10 (e.g., “color 1″).”
LG Color detection sensor patent

Explaining how the color detected can be used, they write,

“According to one embodiment, the color (“color 1”) stored in the memory 160 may be loaded (or entered) by the user, and the loaded color (“color 1″) may be applied to the visual information 151a, 151b, 151c, 151d, 151e, 151f, 151g, 151h in a manner similar to that previously described.”

LG Color detection sensor patent

Extending the concept further, the inventors write that the users may choose to incorporate several colors for each of the various visual displays on the phone, may blend colors to form new colors, may set different visual appearances for day-time and night-time,etc.

Also, the concept is explained to be integrated with proximity detection sensors which means different colors may be displayed depending on the phone’s proximity with the user

LG Color detection sensor patent

Read through the interesting patent application here and let us know your views.

Apple Web

Lala To Shut May 31 – iTunes Cloud Launch Nearing?, the online music streaming service that was acquired by Apple late last year has announced that the service shall be closed on May 31. This could be a significant development that would indicate that the launch of a cloud-based iTunes is closer than you think.

There have been speculations doing the round that Apple may use the infrastructure acquired from Lala to offer a web-based iTunes account that users can use to stream music from anywhere. Significantly, this can have a serious implication on the sale of music and videos from iTunes. Currently, users are hindered by the storage space available on their iDevices which has led to users purchasing content less than what they may ideally want to for want of additional storage space. With an always-accessible cloud-based iTunes service, users may stream music and video on demand which would ultimately help Apple sell more digital content per user than they have currently been achieving.

There is no announcement from Apple in this regard. We hope the cloud based solution launches soon after.

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Amazon Gadgets

Kindle Version 2.5 Enhancements And Launch Date Announced

Social sharing and interaction seems to be the core focus area at Amazon with respect to the newly unveiled version of the Kindle framework. The company has released the list of core features to expect in Kindle version 2.5 that is rolling out to a select group of users for the moment and is expected to launch for all users towards the end of May.

Here are the significant introductions announced to Kindle version 2.5

  • Ability to organize books and documents into “collections” for easy navigation
  • Zooming feature on PDF documents to view text and tables clearly
  • Set passwords to secure access to Kindle
  • Enhanced font graphics for easier reading
  • Share book passages from Kindle directly to friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter
  • Check out interesting passages from the book you are reading that are shared by other readers.

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Acer Gadgets

New Acer Mobile Internet Devices Launching In May

In a bid to bolster its revenues, Acer has a few plans up its sleeves for May. The company has revealed that it shall be unveiling a launching a fresh suite of mobile internet devices (MID) aimed at the mobile customer.

According to Acer CEO and President, Gianfranco Lanci, the new suite of products will employ version 4.0 of the Shell user interface besides incorporating 3G wireless connectivity.

Netbooks and laptops account for close to 69% of the company’s revenues and the new suite of products will help the company retain its leadership in the netbook segment where Acer is currently the market leader.

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LG Ally Technical Specifications And Launch Date

LG Ally, formerly known as LG Aloha aka LG LU2300 shall launch with Verizon in May according to sources close to folks at Boy Genius Report. The Ally is one of the more powerful phones from the stables of LG and could potentially rival the likes of Droid Incredible. Here are some notable tech specs and features on LG Ally

Platform : Android OS 2.1
Display : 3.5 inches AMOLED Capacitive touchscreen (480 x 800)
Processor : 1 GHz SnapDragon
Camera : 5 megapixel with Geo-tagging and 720p video capture
Keyboard : Physical QWERTY

Other features include Dolby mobile surround sound, terrestrial DMB, Wi-Fi, GPS, DivX support and built-in trackpad.

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Palm webOS

How To Add Music/Video/Picture Files To Palm Pre

Unlike iPhone, Palm Pre does not come with a native software like iTunes to download music and video files from your computer to your phone. However, there is an alternate software solution in doubleTwist. Using doubleTwist is simple and very much like using iTunes.

Here is a step by step guide for you to sync music to Palm Pre

Step 1 : Download and install doubleTwist on to your PC running Windows XP, Vista or 7. If you have a Mac, click here to download the appropriate version.

Step 2 : Connect your Palm Pre to your computer via the USB cable

Step 3 : You will now be asked to select the connection options like ‘Media Sync‘, ‘USB Drive‘ and ‘Just Charge‘. Select ‘USB Drive

Add music to Palm pre

Step 4 : doubleTwist will now launch and shall recognize your Pre automatically.

Step 5 : You may now begin the transfer process. The process can be done either via a comprehensive auto-sync or files may be transferred individually.


  • On the left sidebar of the doubleTwist screen, click on the Palm Pre icon
  • On the main area of the screen, select the appropriate options like ‘Sync videos with this device’ and choose whether to sync all videos or only selected, etc.
  • Once you have gone through options on all the tabs, click on the ‘Sync’ button on the lower right corner of the screen to initiate the process.

Palm Pre with DoubleTwist

Manual Sync
On the left side bar of the doubleTwist window, you will find a ‘Library‘ section. Here, click on the ‘Pictures‘, ‘Videos‘ and ‘Music‘ sections to select, drag and drop the individual files to your Palm Pre

Step 6 : The file transfer process is done. You may close doubleTwist window and unplug your Palm Pre from the computer.

Here is a video demo of the entire process

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Most Searched Keywords On Google

Hitwise has released its latest report for March 2010 where it has published its list of the most searched terms on Google. Unsurprisingly, it is ‘Facebook’ ¬†that is the most searched term on Google. Unsurprising because of two reasons – One, because Facebook is the most popular social network with a lot of people likely to visit the site by keying in the term on Google and Two, because recent studies from Hitwise have always called upon the impending dominance of Facebook – remember the ‘Facebook is bigger than Google‘ story?

Here is the list of the most searched terms on Google and the percentage of keyword share that they constituted

1. Facebook : 1.17%
2. Youtube : 0.66%
3. Facebook Login : 0.58%
4. Craigslist : 0.54%
5. MySpace : 0.51%
6. Yahoo Mail : 0.50%
7. Yahoo : 0.30%
8. eBay : 0.23%
9. : 0.19%
10. Gmail : 0.18%


ASUS Eee PC 1218 Features Revealed

Images of a new fourth generation Eee PC from Asustek, the Asus Eee PC 1218 netbook has been doing the rounds which point to an interesting all-aluminium finish. Besides, the new netbook shall come with rear-end ports, a retractable webcam, chiclet keyboard,etc.

The complete list of technical specifications, price and launch date are yet to be announced. However, we will leave you with pictures of the upcoming netbook lest you unconvinced.
Asus Eee PC Netbook
Asus Eee PC Netbook
Asus Eee PC Netbook

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