Disney Collaborative Work Platform To Work Like Google Wave?

It is not clear where Disney Enterprises intends to use such a platform but a recent patent application filed by the company appears strikingly close to the recently launched Google Wave collaborative development platform. There are of course a few functional variations in Disney’s ideas. Nevertheless, the objective appears to be the same. The patent application filed earlier this month reads,

“The present invention generally relates to a method for the collaborative creation of a work, and more particularly, to a method for creating a collaborative work one segment at a time by putting a multitude of segment candidates contributed by a multitude of segment creators to an automatically tabulated vote over a digital network in a series of rounds in which a single segment is selected per round for inclusion in the collaborative work until the work is completed.”

As noted earlier, the patent does not make Disney’s idea as comprehensive as Google’s. The main focus of the patent application makes it likely for gathering collaborative opinion and vote for particular issues and finding a consensus.

“The present invention provides a system that taps into the “collective genius” of a large group of individuals to select the best possible segments for inclusion in the final collaborative work, leveraging the judgement and creativity of each individual. The resulting collaborative work will have required minimal effort on the part of any single individual yet they will far exceed in scope and quality what would have been possible with a comparable individual effort, or the comparable collective effort of a group of individuals un-aided by the system.”

Disney Google Wave Competitor?Ok, one thing’s for sure – This is not meant to be a Google Wave competitor. If not, where do you think such an application will be used?

Disney Google Wave Competitor

Facebook Toolbar To Offer Social Networking On Third Party Websites

Facebook wants you to network and connect from anywhere and everywhere. A report on TechCrunch notes that the company is working on an AJAX based toolbar that will let third party developers to bring social networking features into their websites.

Like the popular Meebo bar, Facebook’s toolbar will reside at the bottom of the page and will let users to share, like pages that they visit and also allow chat with friends from third party websites.

What’s the point? TechCrunch writes that Facebook wants to expand to all websites thereby making it ubiquitous. Plus, the company could also plan on monetizing these toolbars with ads though that is unlikely to come during launch.

I would just hate cluttering the site with the toolbar. It could also make the site clunky. But if Facebook toolbar’s the order of the day, everyone of us might be moving towards that.

[via TechCrunch]

HTC Windows 7 Phone To Launch This Year

HTC has been churning out an impressive line of smartphones these days. More impressively, the Taiwan based handset manufacturer has also been diversifying its risks by partnering with more than one platform developer.

Speaking to Forbes in an interview, HTC CEO Peter Chou has revealed that his company shall unveil a Windows Phone 7 based handset in the latter half of this year. He said,

“They’re putting in tremendous effort to make Windows Phone 7 very appealing and competitive.”

However, this does not mean HTC will be terminating the manufacture of Windows Classic phones. Chou has insisted that his company sees both the versions of Microsoft’s mobile OS to co-exist in the times ahead.

Meanwhile, HTC is also optimistic on the Android front. While there have been doubts cast on the success of Google’s Nexus One phone, Chou sees the device as a success and feels Nexus One’s innovative design will help HTC garner new business despite how consumers perceive the device.

[Forbes via IntoMobile]

Blackberry Desktop Manager Version 6.0 Leaked Screenshot

Polish Blackberry website, BBNews.pl has managed to dig out some screenshots of the upcoming desktop manager for Blackberry users. The new web interface appears pretty slick compared to the earlier version as while the overall features offered are more or less the same, there is one interesting inclusion in ‘Podcasts‘.

Blackberry desktop manager version 6.0

As you will notice, there are not many changes otherwise. It is not however clear how podcasts would be integrated to the Desktop manager and OS. Things should get clearer as we move ahead on this.

[via BBNews.pl]

Facebook Insights Taking On Google Analytics

As part of its Open Graph API project, Facebook is learnt to be developing an Insights product that can serve as a handy analytics tool for developers. This could be the next big area where Facebook could be taking on Google which is pretty popular with its Analytics tool.

To use this, developers will need an API key. With an API key, various events may be tracked with basic API calls. AllFacebook quotes an instance of the API call

api_key: ‘YOUR_API_KEY’,
} );

Using the Facebook Insights feature, developers will be able to track virtually all activities of users including simple events such as ‘Like’ a message or other robust activities on their website.

There is not enough information on whether Facebook is building a platform similar to Google Analytics for developers to visit and track their visitor activities. However, that seems to be a very likely proposition.

[via AllFacebook]

Explicit Apps Back On App Store?

Lots of Apple stories today.

Few weeks back, Apple stunned app developers by deleting all iPhone apps with sexual content overnight. No reasons given for those apps, some of which had existed since the time App Store came to town. Phil Schiller, the head of Apple’s worldwide product marketing did however put the blame on “parents” and “women” who had found these apps unpalatable.

In short, Apple wanted to “cleanse” the App Store. The period of abstinence has been short-lived, however. Folks at MacStories have noticed a couple of iTunes pages that indicate that such apps could be making a come-back – this time on a separate category aptly titled, “Explicit software“. According to these reports, there could be one separate explicit section for iPad users as well.

Apple app store explicit apps section

I just wonder if Apple could have done away with all the negative PR that it so fondly accumulates with regards to the App Store by bringing in this section straightaway instead of letting the app developers wander in the wilderness for a month and now promising to get their apps back.

[via MacStories]

Apple iPad Touch Panel Supplier Changed

Apple has faced a lot of trouble of late in sourcing the components for its iPad so much so that the launch of the device itself is said to have been delayed from late March to early April. It now appears that the scapegoat for this delay has been identified and duly replaced.

Folks at DigiTimes have reported that TPK Touch Solutions – the Taiwanese firm that had bagged the contract for the supply of capacitive touch panels for the iPad has lost its contract to Wintek.

Wintek is currently only in the business of producing small to medium sized LCD panels and is expected to bring in a touch module production line shortly. Foreseeing a spike in iPad demand over the next few months, the company is expected to bring in this additional capacity. Wishful thinking.

[via DigiTimes]

iAd – Apple’s Own Advertising Platform

After ranting endless about Google treading on Apple territory with its launch of Android OS and Nexus One,  Steve Jobs is learnt to be working on launching “the next big thing” – a mobile advertising platform tentatively named iAd.

According to reports on the MediaPost, the new mobile advertising platform is expected to be built on top of Quattro Wireless – the mobile ad network that Apple acquired for close to $300 million early this year. An announcement regarding this is expected to be made on April 7th.

This could be the next big segment where Apple and Google will go head-to-head. Steve Jobs has been earlier reported to be feeling “betrayed” after Google launched its own mobile platform competing against the iPhone OS. Unlike Apple’s predominantly American audience, Google has a terrific presence globally and that is expected to help Mountain View in winning this battle against Apple in the long term.

[via Media Post]

Bing Quick Tabs To Help Organizing Search Results Easier

Microsoft has revealed some upcoming upgrades on its Bing Search engine at the Search Engine Strategies forum in NYC recently. These upgrades are aimed at making the website a better “decision engine” – a phrase that Microsoft coined to help them be number one in an industry heavily dominated by Google.

One of the important features that will make its way to the Bing search results is Quick Tab. This will assort search results into several categories for easier perusal. Also with agreements with Twitter and Facebook in place, Microsoft hopes to bring a real time touch to its results. VentureBeat writes,

“A search on Boston, for example, provides upfront information on weather, attractions and flight deals. Recently signed deals with Twitter and Facebook, help to put more real-time information within search results. And, finally, a map integrated with Foursquare is available that when activated shows local check-in locations and their “mayors” — users who are most active at any one location.”

We wonder if such a classification would work for the several long tail keywords that people search for in a variety of categories.

[via VentureBeat]

YouTube “Highlights View” To Showcase Top Rated Comments

YouTube may be one of the most popular websites in the world today, but the comments on the site may sometimes be the most juvenile you will ever come across. Google apparently wants to wipe that criticism away.

According to reports, YouTube will now offer a “highlights view” that will showcase the top rated comments plus those by the uploader on top of the comments section. This is for viewers to selectively read the more value-adding comments instead of having to scan through dozens of trollish comments across all the videos.

Will this also be an incentive for viewers to make more thought-provoking comments? We hope so.

[via ReadWriteWeb]