Will Google Chrome OS Be The Most Hacked Software Of 2010?

McAfee’s recent report on internet security for the future claims that Google Chrome OS which is yet to be officially released could become the target of hackers in the new year.

Why? Because, McAfee says, it is the reliance of the web operating system on the HTML 5 technology that lets the software interact online with the PC on and off in the background.

Google Chrome OS is designed to let users use web applications as easily as locally installed software. In order to enable this, the OS lets these applications periodically interact online while making everything available locally to the users.

Because of this interaction that happens in the background, McAfee claims hackers may use the exploit to inject their own malware into your system. Users might be caught unawares as they might expect it to be their operating system that is interacting online.

But the issues raised by McAfee seem far fetched considering that Google’s operating system is yet to be released and we are yet to check out on the security measures that Google has taken in this regard. For the record, in a blog posting earlier this year, Google had emphasized on the security measures being taken. The company had said they were

“completely redesigning the underlying security architecture‚Ķso that users don’t have to deal with viruses, malware, and security updates.”

Considering this, it looks like McAfee’s report has only raised false alarms. Nevertheless, the points raised are still potential exploits which we hope Google works on before the operating system is released.

[via Business Week]

Did Google Fudge Taxes in UK?

Over the past one week, Google has been slammed by ministers in UK over fudging of their earnings in order to avoid taxes. According to their report, Google made over £1.6 billion in the past year from advertising in UK. However, the company has not paid any tax at all.

The reason, it is being said is because the company used its status as an international company to transfer holdings from one country to the other in a way to minimize taxes.

In this case, Google transferred its earnings from UK to Ireland. Tax levels for corporations in Ireland are between 10%-25% whereas in the UK, it is between 28%-30%.

While the company has not given any officially reply to the criticisms hailed at it, it will be interesting to see if the UK Government will plan any action in order to prevent a recurrence.

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Will Google’s AdMob Acquisition Be Thwarted?

Two Consumer groups protesting Google’s recent move to acquire the mobile advertising company AdMob have said that this should not be allowed since it can potentially diminish competition.

According to a report published on BusinessWeek, the Consumer groups have said

“Without vigorous competition and strong privacy guarantees this vital and growing segment of the online economy will be stifled”

What do we make of this? Will the AdMob acquisition indeed be thwarted. From the current market conditions, it is pretty unlikely that FCC would heed to the claims by Consumer groups. Google and AdMob together constitute just over 40% of the mobile advertising market (according to an IDC analyst). In that condition, this does not really bother competition to a great extent.

As a matter of fact, the mobile advertising market is currently pretty much fragmented and we do need a bit of consolidation as this for the mobile advertising market to move to the next level.

We would like to hear your opinion on this? Do you see the Consumer groups claims hold truth? Please tell in the comments.

[via Business Week]

Nexus One To Come With Desktop Dock Accessory?

Google Nexus One could be coming up with a few official accessories above the actual handset. Earlier, we had rumors about an official car kit in the works that will offer users the ability to charge their phones from inside the car as well as possible speaker phone functionalities.

Now, we are hearing that yet another accessory could be in the works. Documents submitted by HTC to FCC point out to the development of a Desktop Dock.

The Desktop Dock shall presumably make bluetooth wireless be available on the Nexus One. While the exact functionality of the accessory is not known, it could possibly help in synchronizing your desktop files with your handset and also offer other Bluetooth functionalities like hands-free speakerphone and remote control options.

Here is the image of the HTC application that SlashGear got hold of

What do you make of this? Tell us in the comments.

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Google Chrome OS Based NetBook Specs Out?

There seems to be a lot of speculation about the tech specifications of the to-be-launched Google Chrome based Netbook. According to a post on an UK based website, rumors are that the specs are out, and also that it is a “high performance machine” for a fraction of the price. Here is what the website claims the specs are

  • NVIDIA Tegra platform with ARM CPU
  • 10.1-inch TFT HD-ready multi-touch display
  • 64GB solid state drive
  • 2GB of RAM
  • Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB ports, webcam, card reader

We have no clue whether what is being claimed is true or not, but from what the website claims, Google plans to sell the device at less than $300 per unit. The site also claims that outside the US, the product shall be directly distributed by Google while inside the United States, the company shall try to set the Netbook as a viable competitor to the Nokia Booklet 3G by tying up with one or more network operators.

How much of this is true? Nobody knows yet. But it will be interesting if this actually turns out to be true.

[via IBTimes]

Feedburner Acknowledges FriendFeed Problem

A lot many bloggers might have noticed that their RSS feed count as displayed on their feedburner chicklets have been reporting a drop in the past few days. So far, it was being dismissed as yet another instance when the unreliability of Feedburner was under question.

However, it now seems to have become clear that the reason for the drop in number of subscribers is because of an issue with the Feedburner software recognizing feeds subscribed via Friendfeed. In a tweet posted a few hours back, the Feedburner team writes

“As many have noticed there appears to be a reporting issue with FriendFeed subscribers. The cause is currently under investigation.”

It is not clear what the exact issue is, or by when it shall be resolved. We will keep you posted when that happens.

Google Finalizes Deal With Danish Royal Library For Books Digitization Project

Google has recently entered into a partnership with Denmark’s Royal library to digitize nearly 1.6 million copies of books for scanning. The move comes after the decision by Royal Library to preserve their literary history through digitization could not be wholly sponsored by the Danish Government.

According to the Library Curator, Erland Kolding Nielsen, the Danish government could only offer 7 million Kroners for the project when the estimated cost of digitization was over 500 million.

Google which has already been in the process of digitization has been chosen as a viable partner who will fit the library’s needs. According to Nielsen, the move was inevitable considering the recent dominance of English in the internet age and such digitization would help preserve their culture. Nielsen says

“I believe Danish culture and Danish material on the web would disappear in the Anglo-Saxon deluge. Our language would shrink even more from sight”

[via IceNews]

Google Caffeine is LIVE?

Google Caffeine is the new rewired code of Google search engine that is supposed to be much faster and real time than the Google search that we have come to know. According to some sources, Google Caffeine is now live.

As Matt Cutts from Google earlier put it, this is not some UI change that people would readily recognize and even power users of Google would find it difficult to see the changes. But all the change has been in the internal coding system, and the only big change that you can find from the user’s side is the apparent faster delivery of results.

This is still not confirmed, but we would like to believe that this is true.

Google Voice Mobile 2.0 To Come With Multiple Account Support

Google Voice is officially still banned for iPhone users. However, it has been available for free for jailbroken iPhone users. Now rumor is in that a new updated version of GV Mobile is in the works and is to be released soon. It is apparently such a joy to use coming as it is with a lot of enhanced features. Here is what you can expect from GV Mobile 2.0 for jailbroken iPhones

  • Instant dialled call connectivity
  • Access to iPhone contacts from inside the app
  • Voicemail transcription viewer
  • Multiple Google voice account support

This apart, more features like call forwarding, do not disturb settings, automatic syncing could also be released soon. Sad that non-jailbroken iPhone users still cannot use this pretty tool.

[via Boy Genius Report]

Google Wants To Integrate Maps With Real Estate Search?

Signs that recession are behind us can already been gauged by the fact that G has started eyeing companies to acquire once again. But here are sure shot signs about recession getting over – Google is apparently looking to buy the real estate search engine Trulia.

Google is said to be in talks with the Bay area based startup for a possible price of around $150 million to $200. Trulia is a VC funded startup and is currently funded for close to $33 million from Accel partners and Sequoia capital.

But the more interesting part of the news is what Google has in mind for the real estate search engine. Apparently, Google sees a good fit for a real estate search engine to be integrated with Google Maps. So, you may not only search for real estates around a particular area, but can also have a virtual look at it. Call it the next gen househunting!

We are still not sure about how close we are to a deal sealing. We will let you know as and when that happens.