Cydia Jailbreak Store For iPhones Acquires Rock Your Phone

If you are the proud owner of a jailbroken iPhone, it is very unlikely for you to not know about either Cydia or Rock Your Phone since these two are the biggest app stores for jailbroken iPhone apps. We are now hearing that Jay Freeman, the owner of the Cydia Store has agreed to absorb the Rock app into his system to build one gigantic jailbreak app store. The announcement comes after “several months” of negotiations.

To begin with, Rock app users will be asked to create a Cydia store login to continue making their purchases and following this, all the apps on Rock You shall be consolidated into the Cydia system. currently has over 124 listed app developers and is installed on over 4.6 million iOS devices. There are over 2 million registered Rock users and close to 280,000 of these users have purchased at least once. is noted to have made over $3.3 million since its inception in March 12, 2009.