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Price Of iPhone 4 On T-Mobile UK Announced

T-Mobile UK has finally revealed its pricing plans for the Apple iPhone 4. For starters, the cheapest you can get your iPhone 4 is for $0 and the most expensive with contract is the £349 you will pay for a 32GB iPhone 4. Of course, the monthly data plans that come with these plans are inversely proportional.

T-Mobile UK has six different monthly plans that range between £25 and £60. Each of these plans come with a two year contractual period. Users signing up for the £25 plan can avail the 16GB iPhone 4 at £259 and the 32GB model at £349. On the other end of the tariff sheet, the £60 plans allows you to have your 32GB iPhone 4 for £99 while the 16GB alternative is free.

Here is a complete list of plans that you may want to look at. Do note the fine print at the bottom of the sheet – There is a fair usage policy of 3000 minutes for the unlimited voice that comes with the £60 plan.
Price of iPhone 4 On Tmobile UK

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