Compare Smartphone Features With Compare-CellPhones

Google relaunched their website few weeks back to showcase the various Android phones in the market today. What we didn’t notice back then was that the portal conveniently ignores Android handsets like Samsung Fascinate that do not come with Google Search (Fascinate, you know, does Bing). Not really a surprise considering that the massive tech giant is still regarded a one-trick pony.

The Google Phone Gallery thus is not really a great place to go if you are looking for a serious comparison website. Compare-Cellphones is an alternative that you should probably check out – even if you are looking outside Androids. This is a recently launched website that showcases the specs and pricing of several popular (and not so popular) websites in the market today which is really a good place to check out.

According to its founder, the website offers several benefits over the Google Phone Gallery

  • Covers a huge array of phones over 2000 with more updates being done on an ongoing basis
  • Cover all the OS platforms
  • Provides intelligent feedback – focus on helping geeks to grandmas understand the SIGNIFICANT differences and not just providing a spec dump
  • Helps users understand how phones compare to their peers (vs just the comparison you’re looking at)
  • Looking to provide complete pricing/cost of ownership (still early in on this feature)
  • Lets users comment and discuss

What do you think of this service? Check out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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