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Cloud-Based Microsoft Office 2010 Launching Next Month

For more than a decade, Microsoft’s Office suite has been the software of choice for businesses. However thanks to always-online nature of today’s users, cloud based alternatives like Google Apps and Zoho have been making space for themselves.

Microsoft has since realized that it is time to adapt. Starting next month; May 12 to be precise, the company shall be launching a cloud based version of their popular MS Office Suite. This will mark a new phase of growth for Office as it tries to adapt in an environment already dominated by Google. However, Microsoft disagrees. Citing over 15 years of experience in the cloud-space starting with the acquisition of Hotmail in the mid-90s, Tim O’Brien, senior director of the platform strategy group says,

“We know a lot more than potentially any vendor in the industry about the types of questions [business customers] have because we have been through the enterprise software discussion before.”

It will be interesting to see how the companies fight it out in this new medium.

[via ComputerWorld]

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