Chevron WP7 Unlocker Tool Pulled After Microsoft Negotiations

The iOS jailbreak community has often been viewed as rebels who have challenged Apple’s attempts to curb the limitations of the software. Apple’s strategy to deal with the jailbreakers doesn’t seem to have impressed many as the two have been engaged in a cat and mouse game as far as jailbreaking is concerned. With the release of ChevronWP7 unlocking tool for Windows Phone 7, one may have been anticipating a similar reaction from Microsoft. Apparently, Redmond seems to have learned from Cupertino’s mistake as the company has embraced the concerns of the jailbreak software developers.

In a blog post, ChevronWP7 developers have announced that they were contacted by Microsoft director of Developer Experience, Brandon Watson who agreed to open the Windows Phone 7 platform in order to allow greater access to developers and users with respect to homebrew opportunities. Following these discussions, the developers have decided to pull the ChevronWP7 tool and cease further development work.

It is not clear what path this amiable resolution will take in the future. But at least it appears to be the right move from Microsoft so far.