T-Mobile Christmas Discounts – Price Of Samsung Vibrant & Galaxy Tab To Drop

Are you looking to buy an Android gadget for this holiday? You may want to check out this upcoming promotion offer from T-Mobile. The carrier is learned to prepping up for an announcement that will bring down the price of Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung Vibrant by as much as $50. This will mean that the base model of Galaxy Tab will now be available at $349.99 instead of the original $399.99. As for Samsung Vibrant, it is now expected to be available at $149.99 instead of the original $199.99. Both the offers are noted to be offered via a mail-in rebate.

Incidentally, there is also a buy-one, get-one-free promotion that is now on at T-Mobile which is expected to last until January 18th. Now, combine these two promotions and it’s going to be great savings this shopping season.