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Cheap Prepaid Smartphone Data Plans From Verizon & T-Mobile Launching?

As the American telecom market moves towards a state of increased smartphone adoption, carriers are actively moving away from unlimited data usage options and are instead coming up with several tiered data plans that will incentivize customers for consuming less data.

Verizon, it is learned, is rolling out a new smartphone data pricing structure come October 28 that offer data in two tiers. At $15 a month, users can sign up for a 150MB data plan that will offer data at the rate of $0.10/MB of overage. Alternately, users can sign up to a $29.99 per month plan for unlimited data usage. If you are someone who does not consume too much of data, you now have a cheaper alternative.

T-Mobile on the other hand is rumored to be coming up with a $9.99 a month plan that will offer 200 MB of data! Those looking for an unlimited plan can still sign up to the $30 monthly plan. This new data pricing is expected to launch by early November.

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