ChaCha To Get Into eCommerce (Kind of)

ChaCha launched back in 2006 as a human edited search engine. However, since then, the company has morphed itself into a SMS-based search service where users may SMS questions to receive answers from human editors.

Now, it appears that the company could be graduating further to help users make purchases via SMS as well. In a patent filed last month, ChaCha has elaborated on a model whereby ChaCha users can integrate their account with their Amazon or eBay accounts. Once this is done, an SMS based enquiry on specific products will return a ‘BUYNOW’ option. Users interested in buying the product may SMS the relevant text to ChaCha for the transaction to be complete. ChaCha is supposedly calling this “242BUY

Here is a portrayal of how the whole process will work. (Click to view enlarged image)

ChaCha eCommerce

While this model might not work with auction based services like eBay where users may not be willing to trust a ChaCha editor for the best prices, it can really be a hit with purchase of books and movies from a service like Amazon.

What do you think of this?