Palm Pre Plus For Verizon Vs. AT&T

Verizon has abused, insulted and humiliated AT&T in its ads over the past few months and it is time for some unexpected rebuttal. An anonymous tipster who has gotten hold of a yet-to-be-released Palm Pre Plus for AT&T has revealed that the new handset is comparitively much faster than what was seen on Verizon.

But wait, the credit does not go to AT&T though. The new Palm Pre Plus on AT&T runs WebOS 1.4.2 which accounts for some of the speed increase. Also, considering that the new device does not have much of preloaded information at the moment, the device may appear faster. The tipster has however noted that the QWERTY keyboard is super responsive.

AT&T should still be a happy network though.

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Droid Incredible Features And Technical Specifications

As you may have now known, Droid Incredible is how HTC Incredible will be launched as. The network carrier has just released the official tech specs for the soon to be launched smartphone device.  Here’s what you need to know

Display : 3.7 inch 480 x 800 WVGA OLED Screen
OS : Android 2.1 Google experience device
Internal memory : 8GB
Processor : 1GHz SnapDragon
Storage : Up to 16GB of optional microSD
Camera : 8 megapixel with auto focus and video capture
Keyboard : Virtual QWERTY
Battery : Up to 312 minutes usage and 146 hours of standby

Plus, there are other features like advanced speech recognition, facebook and Google contact integration and Push Gmail

[Verizon via Engadget]

Verizon Blackberry Tour To Support Push-To-Talk Functionality

If you are a Verizon Blackberry Tour 9630 user, do expect an upgrade to Blackberry OS 5.0 sometime next month. According to sources BGR spoke to, the OS upgrade will also come with other bells and whistles; most notably the ability to Push-to-talk for an extra $5 a month.

If you are contemplating to purchase a Tour for yourself, hold back for a couple of more months. According to the tipsters, a new upgraded Verizon Blackberry Tour may well be on its way in May. You can probably go for that.

[BGR via Mobile Crunch]

Verizon MiFi Plan For iPad To Take On AT&T 3G

A leaked memo from Verizon has revealed the company’s plans to target customers looking to buy Apple iPad’s 3G version which comes with an exclusive AT&T data plan. The memo apparently is to convince customers to sign up for Verizon’s MiFi device that comes with a Verizon data plan.

Considering that a good chunk of iPad customers are likely to go for the Wi-Fi only version of the device, Verizon is apparently looking to communicate the message that the Wi-Fi only version of the device is not AT&T exclusive and can be used to access hotspots from Verizon as well.

Taking a potshot at AT&T, the memo reads

“Why pay more for the 3G version and get 3G service on an overloaded network with limited coverage?”

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Nexus One To Sell At Verizon Retail Stores

The launch of Nexus One not only brought the world’s most popular Internet company to the mobile space, but also heralded a new age business model where the sale of the handset was moved completely online. However, has this model failed? Or is Verizon not convinced about the viability of the same?

Just a couple of weeks after we reported speculations that the Google Nexus One could move out of an exclusive carrier to also be offered on Verizon (as was promised during launch), we are hearing that the handset could actually put up on sale on the Verizon retail stores; contrary to the famed online marketplace.

For now, this is just a rumor and take it with skepticism. But we wonder if Google is trying to make a side-by-side comparison of the two models to see which one fares better. Though, it is unlikely that T-Mobile would be game for such an experimentation.

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Nexus One On Verizon Launching March 23

Nexus One, the superphone that Google unveiled earlier this year could be moving out of exclusivity with T-Mobile and launching a Verizon version of the device in March. According to reports on Neowin, the phone has already cleared the mandatory FCC inspection for use on Verizon’s network.

If the rumors are true, then it could be tough times for Google’s Android partner Motorola, whose Droid smartphone hit the Verizon shelves late last year. A better Android handset on the same network could mean there is a good chance for Droid sales to be hit.

However, Google itself has been struggling to keep its head above the water following the barrage of new HTC branded smartphones that are expected to be launched over the next few months. It appears that this cannibalization of sales among OHA partners is the only  way to take on the dominance from the likes of Apple’s iPhone. What do you think?

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Verizon To Stop Selling Blackberry Storm?

After reports of numerous device cancellations, it is now being rumored that Verizon, the sole US carrier to currently offer RIM’s Blackberry Storm touchscreen mobile device is likely to cease operations to bring the device to their customers.

This speculation has been fueled by a note from analysts that has been doing the rounds among investors. While the research firm that has issued this note is not yet known, The Street writes that a cut in supply, if not an outright cancellation, of Blackberry Storm handsets is very much on the cards.

RIM and Verizon have not responded to the speculations.

[via The Street]

Verizon To Partner With Skype On International Calling Service?

Verizon has released a media statement announcing a joint news conference with Skype on the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona next week. There is not enough details provided on the specifics of the conference though indications are that it could be about a partnership on cheaper international calls.

AT&T and Verizon have locked horns lately each claiming superiority of their network. A partnership with Skype for cheaper international voice traffic could help Verizon score a crucial point over AT&T in convincing customers about the superiority of their network.

We will keep track of the news in this front and let you know of updates as they happen.

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Verizon Brings Location Aware Classifieds

“People may frequently use a classified media source (e.g., the classified portion of a local newspaper) to list items that are for sale and/or search for items to purchase. In some instances, people that are interested in purchasing particular items, may desire to view the items of interest in-person prior to purchasing the items. During everyday travel time, many interested buyers may pass by the locations of the items of interest. These locations of the items of interest may go unnoticed due to a lack of awareness of their existence. “

To solve this problem, Verizon has been working on a technology that will profile buyers and sellers based on the factors such as item description on sale (Eg: Refrigerator) and geographical location. According to the patent filed in this regard,  a buyer traveling near the location of a seller shall be notified of the sale-item available in the vicinity along with the seller’s contact details for the buyer to carry the discussion forward.

It is not clear whether Verizon plans to launch its own classifieds system or intends to tie up with other big players in the Classifieds industry.