Apple Prepares 2 Million iPhones For Verizon Launch

So what, if Android is the most popular phone OS in the world? Apple has reportedly manufactured 2 million iPhones for its launch on Verizon. Interestingly, almost one-third of these units have been allocated to customers who would be pre-ordering online. And according to a few reports from market sources, Verizon pre-order sales are likely to exceed that of AT&T pre-order sales of iPhone 4 last year. If the reports are to be believed, around 700,000 customers have ordered their iPhones online due to which the pre-ordering was ceased only within 17 hours.

AT&T sold around 600,000 units last year on their first day which has now been comfortably crossed by Verizon Wireless. Also, last year, within the first three days, Apple sold around 1.7 million units of the iPhone 4 which was reported by Steve Jobs himself as the most successful product launch ever done by Apple.

2 million already, beware Android!

Verizon iPhone 4 Online Pre-Orders Ceased

Yes, within 17 hours, Verizon closed its on pre-ordering option on their online store owing to the huge response from customers. According to reports, almost 700,000 users could be awaiting the release of their new iPhones from Verizon. Verizon has reported that this is their biggest and the most successful first day sale of any product in the company’s history. Verizon wireless has also reported that just within the first two hours of the sale itself, previous first day sales records of the store were broken.

When AT&T launched the iPhone 4 last year, the launch inventory was around 1.7 million units. Verizon may well have a launch inventory of 2 million units this year according to the reports of AppleInsider. Well, for now 700,00 is the estimated number of the online pre-orders, but looking at the record breaking sales this could very well be wrong.

Verizon Data Speeds To Be Affected

A document posted on Verizon’s website states that the data speeds of customers who browse through heavy loads of data would be brought down. This move by Verizon is to guarantee all the customers a fair and satisfactory speed on their 3G devices. Verizon has also stated that not many customers of theirs would get affected by this, although the ones who have been using data in large quantities are sure to be penalised. The document states the following-

If you use an extraordinary amount of data and fall within the top 5 percent of Verizon Wireless data users we may reduce your data throughput speeds periodically for the remainder of your then current and immediately following billing cycle to ensure high quality network performance for other users at locations and times of peak demand“.

The document although fails to state what is the threshold data at which it is going to penalise the 5 percent customers.

Verizon iPhone 4 To Go On Sale From Feb 9

It’s official now, the online sales of Verizon iPhone 4 are going to start from the 9th of February which would be six days from now. However, people looking forward to buy the iPhones at stores would have to wait a day longer as the stores would be open from 7:00 am from Thursday, the next day. Those who buy the phone online can either get it delivered on 10th February or arrange for a pick up at the closets store.

The online store would be open from 3:00 am (Eastern Time) for only the existing customers. But, one would have to hurry and get lucky as there will only be a limited number of pieces available online. Finally after three years of monopoly on iPhone by At&T, Verizon would be the second operator in the US for customers to avail iPhones.

AT&T Android Phones List To Be Doubled in 2011?

According to an internal document from this year’s International CES (Consumers Electronic Show), AT&T will be launching 12 more Androids along with 20 new 4G devices. If the details of this internal document prove to be right, the first quarter of 2011 is going to witness the launch of 2 new 4G smart phones, which by the end of the year will be pushed to 20. As far as the Android phones are concerned, in 2011, AT&T is looking forward to add 12 more of these to the already existing list of 7.

Also, rumored are the availability of Motorola Atrix 4G and the HTC Inspire 4G in the markets from February 14, for which purpose, the employee training is to begin from February 2. The internal documents also indicate that Verizon is also fully prepared to offer simultaneous voice and data, but it has to be seen, to what extent will they be successful.

AT&T customers are sure in for an Android treat this year.

Price Of Wireless Hotspot For Verizon iPhone 4 Announced Officially

Verizon Chief Operating Officer Lowell McAdam had recently confirmed speculations about the unlimited data plan on the upcoming CDMA iPhone. Now, the carrier has further confirmed another important detail with respect to the pricing plan – the cost of the mobile hotspot feature that will be available on Verizon iPhone. According to a recent statement from the company, wireless hotspot – that will let users set up their Verizon iPhone 4 as a router for accessing internet from up to five internet capable devices will be available at a price of $20 a month.

The announcement will draw inevitable comparisons with similar offering from AT&T. It is worth noting that while AT&T’s tethering feature too is available at $20 a month ( the mobile hotspot functionality too should be coming soon), the carrier allows connectivity with only one device at any given time. This makes the Verizon offering a much better alternative to AT&T’s. What do you think?

Verizon Unlimited Data Plans Officially Announced

Verizon has officially confirmed rumors from last week that hinted at the possibility of an unlimited data plan for the upcoming iPhone 4. In a statement today, Verizon COO Lowell McAdam revealed that the carrier will charge a monthly $30 fee for unlimited data access on the iPhone. He conceded that one of the key challenges that the company faced was in attracting customers from AT&T and offering such a plan would make the transition for these subscribers easy.

Verizon’s statements have however not confirmed the official prices for the CDMA iPhone. It is interesting to note that JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz had predicted last week that the Verizon iPhone could be priced $20 to $30 higher than the GSM variant owing to the higher price of CDMA components. While we remain skeptical about this, we will be interested to hear more from the horse’s mouth. Stay tuned here for more.

Verizon HTC Thunderbolt Price Set At $250?

Earlier today, we had written about a leaked Verizon document that revealed the price of the Motorola Xoom tablet to be $799.99. While Verizon might have missed the customer expectation here by possibly launching the device at a price $70 higher than the equivalent iPad, it doesn’t seem to have missed the trick with HTC Thunderbolt.

The documents have also given us details regarding the price of the upcoming HTC Thunderbolt. Accordingly, the minimum advertised price of the new Android 2.2 handset is likely to be $249.99. This price is expected to stay for the period between January 21 and July 21.

At this price, the device is of course expected to come with a two year warranty period. However, the features are pretty exciting which means the $250 price point is quite worth the money. In case you are not aware of the features still, here is a link to all that we know thus far.

Are you looking forward to the launch?

Verizon iPhone 4 Commercial Goes On Air

In case you didn’t know yet, Apple will be launching the first CDMA variant of their iPhone 4 next month. Starting February 10, customers in the United States will be able to purchase a Verizon iPhone 4 that will run on the new CDMA chip. This has been an amazingly long wait given that a Verizon iPhone has been speculated ever since the iPhone itself was launched back in 2007.

Incidentally, the commercial emphasizes on this very aspect. The ad shows a number of ticking clocks with people fidgeting hands and tapping their feet. It ends with the voiceover noting –

“To our millions of customers who never stopped believing this day would come: Thank you.”

You can check out the commercial video below.

Liked it? Are you one of those looking to buy a Verizon iPhone? Tell us in the comments.

HTC Thunderbolt On Verizon Launch In End Of February?

HTC Thunderbolt – the Android 2.2 device that could come with a 4.3″ display, a 1.2GHz SnapDragon processor and two cameras; an 8-Megapixel rear-facing camera and a 1.3-Megapixel VGA on the front could be launching in the last week of February. This is according to rumors that also note that this Verizon-bound device could have an unnamed Samsung 4G LTE phone for company during launch.

While this latest word is not absolutely credible, we are still hopeful that the launch should happen around that time. Verizon Wireless, it is learned, has already commenced its training programs for employees who shall be working on the ThunderBolt launch. A screengrab of a training manual has leaked to the blogosphere that underlines some salient features on this new Android 2.2 handset.

HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon

Given a February end launch, we expect Verizon to open up the ThunderBolt for pre-orders in just a couple of weeks from now. Will you be going for one?