Will iPad 2 Debut With A Lower Price Than Its Predecessor?

It’s now confirmed, the iPad 2 will be unveiled by Apple on Wednesday, which is the day after tomorrow. We have been discussing a lot about the hardware of the iPad 2, what new add-ons it would have etc. But would we be really happy if the iPad 2 were to come out with the expected add-ons and nothing more? Surely, not one tablet I would want to buy if Apple were to do that. But, there is every possibility that Apple would go for a price cut, at least by 100$ on the second generation Apple tablet.

If you are contemplating why, here’s the logic. When Apple first launched the iPad an year ago, it had no idea to what would be the success rate of the tablet. But, Jobs has that Midas Touch and the iPad was an unusual success with Apple selling almost 10 million tablets in 2010. Apple now plans to sell at least 60 million pieces in the next financial year for which to happen, a price slash is inevitable.

iPad 2 And iOS 4.3 on Mar 2?

The latest buzz is that Apple is planning to launch both the second generation iPad and the next version of iOS on March 2 which co-incidentally is a Wednesday. Knowing Apple’s Wednesday sentiment, this could well be true. Also, there have been reports that Steve Jobs‘ health is declining day by day, so Jobs himself would want to see a quicker launch of his babies on which he has worked personally as well. Also, one can expect iOS 4.3 to come out on the same day as Apple definitely would not want to launch the iPad 2 running on iOS 4.2.1.

The beta version of the iOS 4.3 was released on January 12, a week later the iOS 4.3 beta 2 was also released which was followed by the release of beta 3 on February 4 which dealt with a few bugs in the beta 2 version.

Fingers crossed fellas. Let’s hope that this time the rumor about the launch date is true.

iPhone 4 Wins The Best Mobile Device Award

So, what if Apple did not take part in this year’s Mobile World Congress at Barcelona, it still hogged the limelight. Apple’ iPhone 4 has won the Best Mobile Device Award for the year 2011. This award was announced earlier today at the Mobile World Congress by the Global Mobile Awards. Apple made its presence felt despite being absent from this year’s show beating several other competitors whose smartphones were also considered for the Award.
The judges after awarding Apple the coveted Award commented that the iPhone 4 had a “Great screen, sharp design, fantastic materials, and phenomenal ecosystem for app developers. In a tight race, the iPhone 4 built on the success of its predecessors to set the pace for smart phones.”

Ironically, rumors are now spreading like wild fire that Steve Jobs looks extremely pale and may not be surviving the next weeks.

Does Steve Jobs Have Not Long Left?

According to a tabloid published in National Enquirer, Steve Jobs would not survive for more than six weeks apparently. Well for now, this is only a rumor, but National Enquirer has also published pictures of Steve Jobs outside the Stanford cancer Center. Looking at the pictures, one can definitely say that Jobs looks awfully thin and frail. Jobs is suffering from pancreatic cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy for the same now. The tabloid has also reported that Jobs dropped around 45 pounds of weight after he has started his treatment for cancer in the past 6 weeks. Also, his hair is thinning which would only suggest that the treatment is intense and so is his disease.

Steve Jobs took an indefinite leave from office citing medical conditions (his third in the last 9 months). Steve Jobs is due to meet President Barack Obama today in California at the US hitech-gurus meet.

Can’t afford to lose you Steve. Hope the news is a rumor.

Steve Jobs on Leave, Yet Working

We know that Steve Jobs is on a medical leave and is taking his time off from the Cupertino office. To all the people who were worried about what was going to Apple after Steve Jobs, here comes the reply from Steve Jobs. He is not going anywhere. Apparently, job is working on the next generation iPad from home and is also very closely involved in the strategic decisions that his company is involved in. Along with the iPad 2, Jobs is also working on the next generation iPhone which is the iPhone 5 at the moment.

Sources have also revealed that Jobs was spotted at the Cupertino office and the Palo Alto campuses. So, for all of you who thought that Jobs was ill and cannot look into the company affairs any more, especially Apple’s competitors, this would come more as a shock to them than a surprise.

Apple is the World’s Biggest Firm

Come next year and Apple is going to become the world’s biggest and the most valuable firm in the world. According to analysts, Apple in 2012 is going to propel itself to the top which means Exxon, which at the moment is worth 263 billion dollars and at the top will have to slip to the second place. According to analysts Apple’s sales, especially in the US are amazing which would increase the share price of Apple by 32 percent, thus taking its worth to 269.5 billion dollars. Exxon, which is basically an oil based company might not see the same rise in its share prices like Apple.

If a technological firm like Apple would top the list of corporates, then this is definite welcome change. The toppers of the corporate sector up to now have mostly been form banking, mining or the retail sectors.

New Apple iPad 2 Rumors

The past few weeks have been abuzz with rumors about the specifications of Xoom, several other Android Honeycomb tablets and of course the iPad 2. Amidst all these, we have some more new Apple iPad 2 rumors. If the new buzz were to come true, the second generation iPad will be having NFC (Near Field Communication) chips, a carbon fiber body and the most exaggerated of all is the availability of a 7″ tablet.

The unnamed sources who are involved with the iPad 2 production along with the Chinese manufacturers have revealed the above mentioned specs of iPad 2. Coming to the rumored specs, all of them seem to be exciting and look to add more to the simple to use Apple tablet. But of all, the last spec seems to be far fetched as Steve Jobs himself condemned the making of 7″ tablets and also has stressed that 10″ is a standard for tablets.

Let us wait in the time being.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ Successor – Shareholders Demand A Plan

Steve Jobs is on an indefinite medical leave, his third in recent years. Shareholders in Apple Inc. are already beginning to fear the absence of Apple’s most charismatic public face. One of the shareholders in Apple – Central Laborers’ Pension Fund has put forth a proposal asking Apple to disclose plans about Steve Jobs’ successor. As per the proposal Apple is to put forth an executable succession plan. A vote on the same is likely to be held on the 23rd of February when Apple’s shareholders are going to meet again.

Though there has been no comment yet from Apple’s front, Apple has asked its shareholders in the previous month not to endorse such a proposal. Apple is actually apprehensive about making their succession plans public, as they believe that it would weaken their ability to manage executive talent.

Only Steve Jobs’ Death Will Take Apple Forward:Netgear CEO

Yes, what you read is absolutely true. Netgear CEO, Patrick Lo has quoted-

Once Steve Jobs goes away, which is probably not far away, then Apple will have to make a strategic decision on whether to open up the platform.

Patrick Lo has definitely made a controversial statement and hit two birds at one shot. His statement not only speaks about the future of Steve Jobs but also the future of Apple Inc. Lo opines that, “Apple will go forward only if it abandons its walled garden approach”. This according to Lo is not possible until Steve Jobs is alive. Lo also opines that the future of Apple lies in allowing others to share their platform and this is what would allow them to dominate in the coming times.

We already know that Steve Jobs has taken a sick leave a few weeks ago to nurse his medical issues.

Is iPad 2 A Slimmer Heir?

It was only an year ago that Steve Jobs introduced to the world, the iPad. Though he admitted that no market survey was done before the launch of the product, iPad was a worldwide phenomenon in no time. Sometime after its first anniversary, we can also expect the iPad 2, although the official announcement from Apple about the second generation iPad is yet to come (expected in a couple of weeks from now?).

If rumors are to be believed, the second generation Apple tablet would possess the same 25cm screen, but the edges are going to get slimmer on the lines of iPhone 4. Also introduced will be a new processor, which will enable 1080p videos. But, according to a few sources, the super resolution retina displays found in iPhone 4 will be missing in iPad 2. iPad 2 is going to come with two cameras, front and back and NFC (Near field Communication) chips that would enable users to swipe their iPad 2 instead of a debit or credit card for processing payments.

Fingers crossed people, for this slimmer heir!