Sony Blocks The PS3 DNS Hack

The hacker community has confirmed that the Sony Inc. has been successful at blocking the PS3 DNS hack. Apparently the proxy server or the DNS which was being used has been blocked by Sony forbidding the users to get into the Playstation network. The hacking community was using one particular IP address as a proxy server which was enabling users on firmware 3.55 to get access the Playstation network. Not only that proxy server, but another renowned proxy connection settings have been disabled as well.

Sony is apparently cracking their whip on all the hackers and jailbreakers. Not only filing cases against a few hackers and communities, Sony is also seeking the user ids of hackers on youtube nad their IP addresses along with them. Sony, for now has definitely tightened the screws on their network.

We should definitely be seeing some angry comments from the hacking community very soon.

The New and Slim Sony Xperia Arc

The new Xperia Arc smartphone by Sony Ericsson which will hit the markets this April is just 8.7mm in thickness. Just imagine how slim this phone could be. Despite its thin framework, the phone comes with some outstanding specifications. The 4.2″ touchscreen of the phone is powered by Mobile Bravia engines which provide a Reality Display. And of course, the phone runs on Android 2.3 or Gingerbread OS.

Along with these, the phone also enables high-definition video recording with face detection and various other multimedia features like playback of the videos and sharing of the high-definition videos. The 3G network on the phone is also pitted to be one of the best.

Other key features of the phone are an 8.1 mega pixel camera, HDMI connectivity and a 1GHz processor. The high definition recording runs a t 30 frames per second and possesses a resolution of 1280×720, otherwise known as 720p.

Sony Xperia Play on Orange and T-Mobile in UK

We know that the Sony Xperia Play, Sony Ericsson’s new smartphone is being unveiled at the Mobile World congress in Barcelona on 13th February. The phone is going to be available in the UK markets via Orange and T-Mobile and if the rumors are true, one can get to lay their hands on this wonderful playstation included smartphone in April. Apart from these two networking companies, O2 and Vodafone have also expressed their wish to stock the phone which will only mean that 3 network is not in the hunt for now. Even if 3 were to jump into the mix, users of all networks are in for Everything Everywhere.

The Sony Xperia Play comes with a four inch touch screen display and the most awaited feature which includes a built in playstation portable. If UK should get it in April, US users can expect Play even earlier.

LG Wants Sony PS3 To Be Banned in US

Can we imagine America without PS3? Scary, is it not? Apparently LG, the third largest manufacturer of televisions in the world have filed a lawsuit against the Japanese giant Sony for having infringed patents of LG. LG is alleging Sony of infringing four patents of theirs as far which include the televisions. Along with the patent infringement of televisions, LG has also alleged the Blu-ray players of Sony which includes the Playstation 3 as well to have infringed patents of LG.

All this started in December when Sony alleged LG of infringing seven patents on their mobile technologies. The case was brought to the notice of the International Trade Commission, which has the power to prevent the import of products that have violated US patents.

If LG were to win the lawsuit, Sony would either have to pay huge royalty amounts to LG or stop the sale of PS3 in the US. World without PS3, sounds definitely boring.

NGP and PS3 To Complement Each Other

Sony wants to make its PSP 2 or NGP (Next generation Portable) a much wanted addition to its gaming consoles than just be a second fiddle to PS3. At a recent event that was held in UK, Sony has persuaded its game developers to develop cross-platform games that can run on the NGP as well as the PS3 alike. Sony has also announced that all the PS3 games can be played on the new NGP (which will be released sometime this year) without the slightest change in graphics.

According to rumors, NGP can be used over the Wi-Fi to implement cloudsaving, meaning any game that is on standby mode on the PS3 can be accessed on the NGP using Wi-Fi and the game can also be saved. Although many are worried that the launch of several new smartphones could cause a hindrance to NGP, Sony is confident that the HD technology on NGP cannot be touched.

Sony PS3 Hackers Being Hunted?

Sony is cracking its whip on the hackers and jailbreakers of PS3. While a few days ago, hacker George Hotz and the hacker group failoverflow were hunted by Sony for hacking into the security of Sony PS3. Sony have even have a restraining order against Hotz, but it looks like they don’t want to stop here. Sony has earlier reported that these two who were caught were several of the other thousand hackers and jailbreakers who stil need to be caught.

According to a few reports, Sony has included the names of many other well known and not so renowned hackers in a subpoena. Sony has also asked sites like youtube to give out the details and names of all the people who post videos related to PS3 hacks on their website.

We will now have to wait and see how influential will this move from Sony be as their previous attempt to restrain hackers from posting went almost unnoticed.

Sony NGP To Be Priced At 350$?

The prototype of Sony NGP was unveiled last week in Tokyo and it was evident that Sony was coming up with its answers to Nintendo’s 3DS. Also called the PSP2, it was earlier rumored that this second generation PSP was going to be priced at 300$. But now, fresh rumors are doing rounds and there is a talk about Sony quoting two different prices for the NGP.

According to the rumors, the Sony NGP will have both Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi and 3G versions. While the former is rumored to cost 300$, the latter would be priced at 350$. There have been no official listings of prices yet from Sony, but the rumors seem reasonable enough. If we take a look back in time, Sony has always launched its consoles at a very high price.

According to Sony the graphics in NGP are going to match that of PS3.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play on Feb 13

This is official. Sony Inc. has announced the launch of its Xperia Play on the 13th of February. This announcement has been made by Sony on their facebook page and there has also an advertisement that confirms the same. Sony Ericsson Xperia play is the new generation smartphone from Sony which will run on Google’s Android OS. This phone would also be the first smartphone that can be used to play older playstation games of Sony’s.

This is the first time ever that Ericsson has teamed up with Playstation for building a phone, despite both the groups belong to Sony. This phone would come with a buit-in PSP module, a 4″ touch display and Qualcomm MSM 8655 chipset. So, we can now be confident that the Xperia Play is going to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona.

The smartphone with everything you need and the one thing you want.”

Prices of Gaming Consoles To Drop Soon?

I know this would come as a shock more than a surprise to many avid gamers. Analysts are predicting the prices of all the leading consoles – PS3, Xbox and Wii to go down this year. The one leading in this row is Microsoft who definitely wishes to implement some price cuts as analysts report. This can be attributed to the fact that Xbox was not a big favourite among gamers during Christmas. Although Microsoft apparently posted a 21 percent increase in the revenues of XBox during the last three months of the previous year, it is likely that the price of Xbox would be cut down from 400$ to 300$.

If XBox were to go ahead with this move after a decline in sales (which could happen any time after June), the other big gaming corporations would automatically follow suit. Although Sony might want to reduce the price of PS3 consoles readily, Nintendo is likely to wait on Wii’s price cut for it is also launching 3DS, the costliest portable entertainment console ever.

Apple’s App Store Restrictions Not To Hurt Amazon

We received the news yesterday about Apple’s restriction on Sony’s Reader regarding its applications on App store and how it was going to affect Amazon. The restrictions imposed by Apple definitely did not go down too well with Sony as they complained that the restrictions were imposed on a very short notice. However, Apple has come up with a clarification and has stated that there has been no change in developer rules and guidelines. Apple has reiterated that all they need to know about an App, like Amazon is if they have the ability to sell ebooks of their own, which Amazon does any way.

Apple has said that such Apps would be allowed on App store if only these Apps are also ready to list the ebooks available on Apple as well. Sony’s available ebook app is definitely a competitor to Apple and the Inc. is making sure that they hold their grip on the App store.