Wireless Media Player To Stream Media

The number of media files accessed and the method of access is aplenty. Users consume content from radio, play audio tracks, video tracks, stream audio and video tracks from third party source. As a result, the method to play these different formats and organizing these as playlists is getting increasingly complicated.

Sony Ericsson has applied for a patent on a technology that can make this organization of media easy. In its recent filing, the inventors  write,

“According to a first aspect, this object is fulfilled by a wireless device, comprising a media player; a radio signal receiver system configured to receive media signals; a controller comprising a memory comprising a list of different media options, and a media scanner configured to scan the radio signal receiver system to detect media content associated with the media options.

In one embodiment the wireless device comprises a user interface, wherein the controller is configured to output an alert signal through the user interface to indicate that media content associated with the media options list has been detected by the media scanner.

In one embodiment the media options includes a plurality of different media channels, the device comprising a user interface including a display operable to present a list of media channels, wherein the controller is configured to highlight a media channel on the display responsive to the media scanner detecting reception of that media channel.”

Sony Ericsson wireless media player

Mobile Phone Camera With Sound-Based Remote Control

Let us say you are with a group of friends and want to take a group-snap. It is always possible to use your camera’s timer device to set the focus and run to your positions. But this does not always help when you have to take several pictures with your friends since it would mean you have to run to and from your camera several times.

Sony Ericsson has described a new sound-based remote control technology for their smartphones that could make taking self-portaits a pleasure. The phone shall come with a ‘Sound Photo Trigger‘ option that can be turned on or off as required. While the trigger is on, the user may either use specific sounds or use speech recognition technology to trigger the camera by uttering certain words. The inventors write in a patent application,

“Trigger sound determination may be performed by detecting a rapid deviation of sound from sensed ambient noise level. For example, the user could trigger exposure of a photo by stamping a foot, snapping fingers, clapping a hand against a body, or by other sharp sounds. As an alternative, speech recognition can be used as a trigger mechanism. A predetermined word or phrase may be chosen as a photo trigger and stored as data in the phone memory. Speech recognition processing can be performed on received speech signals to trigger an image exposure if the predetermined word or phrase is recognized.”

Mobile phone camera remote controlMobile phone camera remote control

Sounds interesting, but I would be surprised if such a technology didn’t already exist..It feels like 2002..

3D Gaming On PS3 Coming July

A Japanese gaming website, AV Watch has dugg up information that indicates that 3D gaming could be activated on Sony PS3 through a firmware update on July 10th. While information regarding this is patchy at the moment, we assume this is to happen concurrently with the introduction of 3D blu-ray movie viewing.

However, do note that users who wish to access 3D based games will need a compatible set along with the 3D viewing glasses. Sony is notorious for its pricey accessories and so do not expect these to come cheap.

[AV Watch via Sixth Axis]

Sony To Halt “Bright Yellow” PSP 3000 Shipment

First and foremost, there is not much evidence to the claim. Secondly, it is not clear if this news pertains only to Japan or all across. A Japanese blog has revealed that Sony is planning to cease shipment of its “bright yellow” aka golden PSP 3000 owing to a lack in popularity.

A source reveals that this particular color is among the least popular if not the most unpopular of PSP colors and hence the company could be planning to halt shipment of consoles of this color completely.

Here’s a look at it. Is it that bad?

Bright yellow Sony PSP 3000

[via Kotaku]

Sony Tablet To Take On Apple iPad?

Realizing that the iPhone and iPad have been implicitly chomping away at Sony’s market share in the portable game console market, the Japanese manufacturer is believed to be working on a smartphone and tablet device that will take on competition from Apple head on.

A recently published article on the Wall Street Journal claims that these new devices expected to launch later this year will be based on Sony’s new online media platform. ¬†Incidentally, this new media platform, tentatively named Sony Online Service will be taking on Apple’s iTunes platform to distribute music, movies, TV shows and other forms of digital content.

The specifications and price of the smartphone and tablet devices are not known as yet, though it is believed to be taking off from where the Sony eReader left; selling close to one million units since launch.

[via WSJ]

Sony Develops A Universal Game Console Controller

In an attempt to tackle competition from the likes of Microsoft and Nintendo, Sony is reportedly working on a game controller that can serve as a universal controller; capable of also being used with Xbox or Nintendo.

A patent regarding this was recently filed by the Sony at the USPTO. According to this, the game controller will be an LCD display based device that will display different key layouts depending on the console being used. The inventors write

“A game console controller includes a hand-holdable housing and a touch sensitive liquid crystal display (LCD) on the housing. The LCD is caused to present, depending on what type of game console a user has selected, a controller key layout for a first type of game console or a controller key layout for a second type of game console. A key layout includes plural keys selectable by a user to input commands to a game console.”

Sony Universal Game Controller for Playstation

With increasing number of households going for multiple game consoles, it is evident that Sony wants Playstation to be at least one of them. By providing a universal controller, it can ensure that PS remains the default console in the house with the second device being one of Nintendo or Xbox.

What do you think of this strategy?

Sony PS4 Could Come With Flexible TouchScreen Technology

This might sound extremely futuristic and some might call this cost prohibitive, but according to educated speculations, the next version of Sony Playstation could come equipped with flexible touch-screen tech.

This was communicated by Tai Chiem, a freelance designer known for his renderings of Sony products. According to Tai, while it may be too expensive to bring flexible touchscreen in the present day scenario, it should be pretty likely in 5-10 years.

Now this is neither from an official source nor is from an insider; so take this with as much skepticism as you would want. However, what do you think? Is flexible touchscreen a possibility in PS4 or even PS5? Let us know what you think.

[via Game Thirst]

PSPgo Price Drop Imminent?

Sony’s much hyped PSPgo hasn’t lived up to the expectations and sales have been moderate at best. One of the primary reasons behind this is touted to be the price.

Sony PSPgo is priced at close to $100 more than the other models in the segment and with price being one of the crucial factors in this segment, it is likely that Sony drops the price of the gaming console to try and increase the market share.

This apart, a marketing blitz is also likely. Sources close to GamerVision have told the website that Sony is planning a heavy marketing campaign to get the customers interested in the gaming device once more.

What do you think; will a price drop offer the turnaround that Sony is desperately looking for? Tell us what you think.

[via Gamervision]

Sony PS3 Motion Contoller To Be Called Arc?

Popular website for gamers, VG247 is reporting that they have information from close sources who have revealed that the motion controller for Sony Playstation 3 has been christened ‘Arc’.

The motion controller consists of one or two wand-like device topped with trackable balls that shall work with the PSEye. If the rumors are true, then it would mean that the popular term for the motion controller would no longer be ‘Gem’. Last month, EA CEO John Riccittiello had inadvertently revealed the name for PS3’s motion controller which was later clarified by Sony as the internal codename.

The company has refused to comment on this new development however.

[via VG247]