BIS 3.0 : Blackberry Internet Service New Version Launching Next Week

After all the rumors over the past few weeks, RIM’s new upgrade to its Blackberry Internet Service, the BIS 3.0 is expected to arrive next week. This speculation has been revealed by one of BerryReview’s sources.

Early this month, we had reported leaks of an internal document that revealed the specs of BIS 3.0. Accordingly, plugins for Gmail syncing and support for WMA and OpenOffice are likely.

While the specs are most likely to be genuine, we will still hold off on the launch date for the moment. We hope it is true though!

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Verizon To Stop Selling Blackberry Storm?

After reports of numerous device cancellations, it is now being rumored that Verizon, the sole US carrier to currently offer RIM’s Blackberry Storm touchscreen mobile device is likely to cease operations to bring the device to their customers.

This speculation has been fueled by a note from analysts that has been doing the rounds among investors. While the research firm that has issued this note is not yet known, The Street writes that a cut in supply, if not an outright cancellation, of Blackberry Storm handsets is very much on the cards.

RIM and Verizon have not responded to the speculations.

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Blackberry Focusing On Advertising Services For App Developers To Take On Apple

In November of last year, RIM announced the Blackberry Advertising Service which would help app developers connect their apps with an array of ad networks to better monetize their applications.

The company has today applied for two patents related to the advertising segment. One patent titled “SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INCORPORATING MULTIMEDIA CONTENT INTO A MESSAGE HANDLED BY A MOBILE DEVICE” delves completely into what the Blackberry Advertising Service is supposed to do. The inventors write

This (advertising) may be done by examining content in the message handled by a mobile device and matching portions of the message with predetermined criteria such as keywords or phrases. Upon finding matches, corresponding multimedia content is associated with a respective portion of the message content and access to the multimedia content is enabled through selection of a linking mechanism that is visually identifiable with the respective portion of the message. The message is modified to include such linking mechanisms such that upon viewing the modified message, a user may reveal the multimedia content by selecting the linking mechanism. It has also been recognized that multiple layers of multimedia content can be provided such that different types of user interaction can reveal different forms of multimedia content.

RIM Blackberry Advertising Service

In another patent, RIM has described a technology that will minimize occurrences of ad impression-inflation on part of app developers. The patent says this will be done by “A method of evaluating advertising metrics may include, but does not require, receiving advertising metrics from an application handling advertisements, augmenting the advertising metrics with data from an advertising client, and validating the advertising metrics

RIM Advertising metrics for app developers

The strategy for RIM is clear – Make the environment as developer-friendly as possible in order to attract more of them which the company sees is the way to take on Apple’s App Store.

Blackberry’s WebKit Browser To Support Flash?

Research In Motion’s Co-founder and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis gave a sneak peek into the upcoming WebKit based browser for Blackberry phones at the Mobile World Congress yesterday. While the demo focused on the rendering accuracy and compression schemas that improved data efficiency, one interesting sidenote was the support for Flash.

Folks at Boy Genius Report point out the site used for the live demo, used one advertising block entirely for Flash based ads – something that showed up pretty cleanly on the new WebKit browser.

BGR writes

“we do see a web ad at about 0:41 in the video that appears to be running in Flash; if you go to, you’ll see that only Flash advertisements seem to run on that particular spot in the page (middle left). Will the BlackBerry WebKit browser deliver Flash support? “

Check out the video below and tell us what you think? Will Adobe find solace in the fact that at least RIM is not deserting them!

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Microsoft Planning To Buy RIM

Rumors about Microsoft launching their Zune phone have been swirling around for quite sometime. It is also speculated that MS would be making an announcement regarding this during the Mobile World Congress later this month.

However, news is in that Microsoft is also considering to buy one of the big guns in the mobile segment – including the biggest of them all, Nokia. However, the most likely candidate is said to be RIM.

Sources close to the All Things Digital blog have revealed that Steve Ballmer has indicated his interest in a buy out of RIM multiple times. No further news is known in this regard other than the fact that Palm is the least likely candidate.

We will keep you updated on this front as and when we see something cooking.

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Leaked Blackberry Document Reveals BIS 3.0 Specs

A confidential internal document purporting to be from “Research In Motion” seems to have been leaked. This document holds detailed information about the soon to be launched version of Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) 3.0.

This document apparently confirms many of the earlier speculations that we had made regarding the feature set of this new BIS version. An article on Go Rumors late last month reported speculations that BIS 3.0 might offer among other things, a Gmail plugin for easier syncing as well as support for WMA and OpenOffice.

While the document does looks genuine, it still needs to be noted that this is a rumor and is not a confirmed word. We will update you on any response from RIM on this as and when it happens.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the document by clicking here (PDF)

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RIM Working On OS 6.0 For Blackberry

Folks at Boy Genius Report write in that they have received solid tips from one of their contacts that Research In Motion, the company behind Blackberry has started its work on the next generation operating system.

Not much information is available at the moment about what we can expect from Blackberry OS 6.0. There have been earlier rumors about RIM launching OS version 5.2 later this year. Considering that this new version is not a decimal iteration over 5.2, it is likely that some very significant additions are introduced.

RIM had acquired Torch Mobile WebKit browser late last year and we see this as a possible addition to the handset. Also, recent patents filed give an indication of work towards improving the overall performance of the device to be something of paramount focus.

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BIS 3.0 To Support WMA, OpenOffice?

The next update to the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS), BIS 3.0 is expected to launch in March of this year and the next version, BIS 3.1 is rumored to launch soon after. While we had earlier heard about BIS 3.0 coming with a Gmail plugin to make message syncing easier, now we are hearing about additional support for WMA and OpenOffice.

Folks at BBLeaks quote their sources as saying that the next version of BIS, the 3.0 version will support both these extensions. Also, BIS 3.1 which is expected to launch soon after will also bring Yahoo, Hotmail syncing, Yahoo messenger download and Google Calendar syncing.

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Speed Up Internet On Blackberry By Setting Up Proxy Server

Browsing the internet on your Blackberry should soon get quicker. A recent patent filed by RIM at the US Patent and Trademark office seeks to speed up the internet on handsets by setting up a proxy server on the device.

Titled “SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ENHANCING NETWORK BROWSING SPEED BY SETTING A PROXY SERVER ON A HANDHELD DEVICE”, the patent describes the present method of accessing internet which makes browsing slow. The inventors write

“One reason is that the data is sent across the air uncompressed. This increases traffic and lowers browsing speed. Another reason is that the browser may have to make multiple requests before it is able to display a single document.[…]Requests and responses are sent back and forth wirelessly multiple times, slowing browsing speed and delaying webpage delivery.”

To sort this problem out, the inventors seek to create a proxy server on the handheld device that will compress and transcode the HTTP request before it sent through the wireless gateway. The inventors say this will speed up web page delivery.

“A system for enhancing network-browsing speed by setting a proxy server on a handheld device comprises a browser for sending a request for requesting a message from a website and receiving a response in response to the request, a proxy server for transcoding and compressing the request, and transcoding and decompressing the response including the requested message in response to the request, a wireless network communicably linked to the proxy server, Mobile Data Service (MDS) gateway for transcoding and decompressing the request, and transcoding and compressing the response including the requested message from the website.”

Here is a visual representation of the procedure

Coming Soon : Sirius XM App For Blackberry

Blackberry users will soon claim access to Sirius XM on their RIM device. A commenter on the OrbitCast website who claims to be in the know has said that the application for Blackberry will be released either this month or next and will be very much like the Sirius XM iPhone app.

As is obvious, users will require a paid account with Sirius and this will give the users access to 120 different channels. According to the source, the Sirius XM Blackberry app will support the following models

  • Storm 1—Series 9530
  • Storm 2—Series 9550
  • Bold—Series 9000, 9700
  • Tour—Series 9630
  • Curve—Series 8900, 8520, 8530

Support for other models is expected to be available soon after.
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