Verizon Palm Pre 2 Price On Best Buy Revealed

A spyshot of the Best Buy inventory system has once again revealed the imminent arrival of Palm Pre 2 on Verizon to the American market. It may be recalled that a Palm Pre 2 running on Verizon made its way to an eBay auction last month only to be pulled soon after.

The latest revelation also comes with details of price and other details. The Palm Pre 2 is expected to be available at $499.99 – and that’s without the contractual obligations. Of course, Verizon is expected to offer subsidized prices in return for a two year contract. Interestingly, the screenshot also provides a launch date that is set for December 30 that, quite evidently, didn’t happen. It is not clear if the launch itself has been delayed at the last moment or if this is simply a placeholder text waiting to be modified when details are finalized.

Palm Pre 2 on Verizon

In any case, what is evident is that the Palm Pre 2 is coming soon to the American market that should be happy news for readers from this region.

Rogers Palm Pre 2 Price Announced

Palm Pre 2 is now officially available on Rogers Canada. The webOS 2.0 smartphone sports a 3.1″ display screen along with a 2-Megapixel camera, a 16GB internal memory (with microSD expansion) and comes with a sliding form factor. According to a statement from the manufacturer, Palm Pre 2 will be available at a price of CAD $99 from Rogers. This is of course only if you also sign up for a three year contract with a compatible voice and data plan. Otherwise, users may also purchase a SIM-free version for CAD $449.99.

With this, Rogers Canada has beat Verizon to become the first carrier in North America to offer the Palm Pre 2. You may recall our article from October this year when we had first noted that Rogers could be offering the Pre 2 in Canada. The launch date however was expected to be around November 11. The delay should not however dampen your spirits if you are interested in buying one. Head over to the Rogers website to study the specs and hit the buy button.

Verizon Palm Pre 2 Launch Soon?

Those of you looking to get hold of a CDMA Palm Pre 2 from Verizon may not have to wait for long. A Palm Pre 2 running on Verizon mysteriously made its appearance at an eBay auction only to be pulled later after word about the device made its way into the blogosphere.

Of course, this in no way gives any direct information about the actual release date. But given the circumstances, we are inclined to believe that the CDMA variant of the Pre 2 could be in advanced levels of testing (and that is how it made to the hands of the eBay seller?) which means a launch is not too long away.

Verizon Palm Pre 2

Verizon has stayed silent on this launch so far which means a pre-Christmas release at least is out of question for the moment. This leaves CES as the best possible launch pad for this phone to launch. And that means we could be aiming at a mid-January release.

Palm Mansion To Come With 5″ Touchscreen Display; Launching In Q1 2011?

Palm is known to be working on at least two new devices – Palm Mansion and PalmPad – that are likely to be launched early next year. While not much information is available about these devices as yet, there was word last month that suggested that the Palm Mansion could be a fully touchscreen device with 800 x 480 WVGA display.

Now, we have heard from one of our close source that Palm is working on a smartphone that will have a display slightly bigger than 5″. While we have been unable to confirm if this is indeed the rumored Mansion, the chances for this are pretty bright taking the possible launch date into consideration. Our source has confirmed that the launch shall happen in three months time. That’s towards the end of Q1 2011.

I am still trying to gather more details about this new phone and will keep you posted about this.

No Subsidized Palm Pre 2 In UK?

The latest gizmo running webOS 2.0, the Palm Pre 2 went on sale in the UK market yesterday. The phone carries some excellent specifications including a 1GHz processor, a 5-Megapixel camera and a slew of webOS 2.0 features like True Multitasking and Just Type. While the phone is definitely likely to make a Palm fan happy, it appears that the carriers are not too interested about this whole affair.

According to recent reports, none of the major carriers shall be stocking the new Palm device on their stores. Network carriers including Orange and Three UK have remained non-committal while O2; the network that carries Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus has given a definitive reply in the negative. A company representative is quoted as saying,

“The Palm Pre Two will not be available on O2. We offer a range of the best handsets through our product portfolio and regularly review this to ensure it continues to meet the demands of our customers.  We’ve always offered our customers a choice of experiences when they come to buy a new phone and we were excited to add webOS and the Palm Pre to our range. We’re still fans of webOS – the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus are available from us today – but won’t be taking the Palm Pre Two”

That’s a big blow for the success of Palm Pre 2 in the English market. Now if you are still looking to buy one device for yourself, get ready to shell out £399 for a SIM-free unit.

Buy Palm Pre 2 In UK Starting This Week

Palm fans in the UK will have another reason to cheer this Friday. Hewlett Packard has confirmed that the next generation Palm Pre 2 will be hitting the English market on Friday, November 12. The phone will available SIM-free which means those who can afford it, can choose to go without a carrier contract.

The Palm Pre 2 as you know comes with some very pretty specifications including a 1GHz processor, a 5-Megapixel camera and a sleek design. More importantly, the Pre 2 will feature the next generation webOS 2.0 software that brings True Multitasking, a feature called Just Type that lets the user compose messages without having to open an app, HP Synergy and integration with other prominent third party applications like Skype, Flash 10.1, TextAssist, Facebook 2.0 and QuickOffice Mobile Suite.

Will you be going for this one?

Rogers To Be Carrier For Palm Pre 2 In Canada

Earlier this month, Palm made an announcement stating that the upcoming Palm Pre 2 was going to be launched on Verizon and also on a Canadian carrier. I have no idea why the statement bluntly stated ‘Canada‘ and not any particular carrier. But from the looks of it, it is going to be Rogers and not one of the CDMA carriers.

A leaked photo that is now doing the rounds has got us convinced that Rogers in Canada shall be offering the new Palm Pre 2 when the device launches in the North American country later this year. It is not clear whether Palm (or HP rather) intends to bring the new phone at the same time to all of North America. In that case, expect Palm Pre 2 to be available around the 11th of next month. That is when Verizon is expected to release their unit.

Palm Pre 2 On Verizon To Launch November 11?

We all knew the new Palm Pre 2 was in the works. But according to some reports, the new Palm phone may not be launching on Sprint. Instead, Verizon Wireless, the largest CDMA carrier in the United States is said to be prepping itself up for the launch of the next generation Palm phone. The reports further suggest that Palm’s earlier statement that Pre 2 was being launched “in coming months” could be kind of misleading since the device could be launching as early as November 11.

If true, the launch could be very much a gamble for Palm (and Hewlett Packard, the company’s new owner). The launch is surely in time for the holiday shopping season in the United States when a lot of gadget buying happens. But this is also  going to be the time when a slew of new Android handsets launch that could effectively rival the Palm Pre 2. Add to this the other rumor that Apple may be launching a CDMA iPhone during the same period. With several new handsets on Verizon alone, it is to be seen how the carrier plans to distribute its marketing budget across its portfolio.

Price Tariffs For Palm Pre Plus And Pixi Plus On O2 Announced

O2, the carrier for Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus in the UK market has announced that the two Palm smartphones shall go on sale starting May 28. Additionally, the network operator has also announced the price tariffs for the two handsets. As expected, there are two levels of contracts – one for a 18 month period and another for a 24 month period. The price of Palm Pixi Plus ranges from Free to £49 while Palm Pre Plus shall be available between a price range of free to £99.

Check out the comprehensive price tariff plans in the charts below
Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus Launch date and Price tariff

[via O2]

AT&T Palm Pre Plus Launch On May 16

An internal memo circulated among AT&T employees has revealed that the Palm Pre Plus could be launching on Ma Bell’s network as early as May 16th. According to a copy of the memo published on Engadget, the device shall be made available across all the sales channels of AT&T and will allow users to access internet via the 20,000 AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots spread across USA.

This is the latest bit in the stream of rumors we have heard about the upcoming launch. Earlier this week, there were reports that the Palm Pre Plus for AT&T could in fact be a superior model to the one available on Verizon thanks to WebOS 1.4.2. Also, you may remember Palm’s announcement that the device shall be available for $150 after a $100 mail-in rebate and two year contract. It is not clear how HP’s acquisition of Palm may affect these prices.

[via Engadget]