Nokia Lumia 900 Data Network Not Connecting – New Fix In Place

Soon after the new Nokia Lumia 900 running on Windows Phone 7.5 was released, there were reports from several blogs and websites that the phone appeared to have problems connecting to the internet. While the initial reports suspected the issue to be with the Lumia hardware, the company has now confirmed that this is clearly a software issue. The hardware or the carrier network itself is not the issue.

Nokia has now announced that users facing this issue can now find a patch to the issue by plugging into Zune and downloading the latest update. You can check their complete statement here. If this seems some sort of a hassle to you, Nokia also says you can swap your Lumia 900 for a brand new phone with the updated OS at any AT&T store in your neighborhood. Check out the video below to see the steps to update the Lumia from a PC

In addition to this, all customers facing this issue are also being offered a $100 credit to their AT&T bill. This offer will also stand if you purchase a brand new Lumia 900 from the stores before April 21.

Android Steals The Show At MWC

The absence of Apple at the Mobile World Congress has definitely given Google’s Android the definite edge over its competitors at the show in Barcelona this year. With the MWC for this year coming to a close today, everyone who’s been at the event has only one thing to say – Android is brilliant. With Nokia disbanding its own phone OS Symbian and partnering with Microsoft for Windows based Nokia phones, they did not have anything to offer this year. Almost every phone, be it the Motorola Xoom or the Samsung Galaxy S or the Sony Xperia Play smartphones or the Samsung’s second generation tablet or LG Slate, everything has been Android. There was Blackberry Playbook that was not running on Android but spoke of including Android apps and HP’s Tablet – TouchBook that did not use Android but WebOS.

So, this MWC belonged to Android completely.

Nokia Windows Phone 7 – Sneak Peek At Components

The Mobile World Congress at Barcelona has witnessed the components of the new Nokia Windows Phone 7. New slim and sleek Nokia devices that would run on Windows phone 7 OS were unveiled for a preview at the MWC. Two slides which contained the new Nokia devices were made available to the public. While the first phone is a slim one with rounded corners and contains a standard headphone jack at the top, a speaker grill at the bottom, a camera shutter at the back and a volume rocker to the side. The second phone that was unveiled looked a higher-end device with three standard Windows 7 buttons, a camera with a flash and a power button.

Nokia has also not revealed if the upcoming devices were going to be exactly the same. Also, an exact launch date of the devices is not out yet. For now, Nokia definitely wants to release their new phones by the end of 2011.

Nokia-Microsoft Partnership Helps Microsoft Earn Billions

Now that the Nokia-Microsoft partnership is official and both Nokia and Microsoft are trying to cope up with the competition being offered by Google and Apple, arises the question, who benefited the most from the partnership. Apparently, it seems like Microsoft is the bigger beneficiary when compared to Nokia. Why? It is rather simple to answer. Nokia has let go off its phone OS Symbian and has embraced Windows as its new phone OS. For doing this, it has to pay an unknown number of billions to Microsoft for allowing the use of Windows on Nokia phones along with paying some hefty royalties to Microsoft.

Following the announcement of the partnership, Nokia’s stocks slid by 14 percent. Under the pressure of the current situation, Nokia is planning to release its first Windows based handset by the end of this year. The once king of mobile technologies is indeed going through a tough time.

Is Nokia Planning To Tie-Up With Google As Well?

We all know about the Nokia-Microsoft partnership that happened yesterday. Now, if rumors are to be believed, Nokia is also planning to tie-up with Google and use the support of their phone OS Android. This news comes from Elder Murtazin, the chief analyst of “Inside sources have reported that Nokia is also planning to cut a deal with Google”, said Murtazin. Murtazin has also tweeted that the first Android based Nokia phones are due for a 2012 market release.

We already know that Nokia has let go of its own phone OS Symbian and from now on their mobile phone solutions are going to be based on Microsoft’s Windows. With Android stepping into the scene as well, we can now be sure that Symbian is gone forever and we won’t be seeing the two hands shaking on Nokia’s start-up screens any more.

Is the Nokia-Microsoft Partnership A Boon To Rivals?

The Nokia-Microsoft partnership was made public yesterday. But, is this partnership a blessing for Google and Apple and may be RIM as well. Nokia as we know has embraced Microsoft’s Windows and has abandoned its own OS Symbian for developing new smartphones. Analyst Abramsky opines that this partnership is actually helping the iPhones, Androids and Blackberries more than it is going to help Nokia and Microsoft. The partnership between Nokia and Microsoft could help both the companies is the market were to be successful and take Microsoft’s market share from the existing 5 percent to 35 percent. But, if the partnership were unable to deliver the results as expected, then the share gains of their rivals are sure to go up.

On the other hand, there is a possibility that this partnership could also trigger further collaborations like Android /RIM which could influence the smartphone market immensely.

Nokia – Microsoft Partnership Happens, Once Again

We reported last week that Nokia was likely to enter into a partnership with Microsoft in order to deal with the competition from smartphones running on Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone. Well, the partnership has finally happened. So now, Nokia would be abandoning its own phone OS Symbian and will embrace the Microsoft OS, which is of course Windows. Analysts are predicting that this partnership favours Microsoft more than it does Nokia, although there is not enough clarity yet about how these two corporate giants wish to tackle with Apple Inc. and Google Inc.

Under this new partnership, Nokia and Microsoft will now be combining their assets in order to develop mobile applications and products. While the developmental tools that MIcrosoft possesses will develop applications for these phones, Nokia’s Maps will become a part of Microsoft.

Anyone out there who still wants to own Nokia’s stocks.

Apple and RIM Overtake Sony Ericsson and Motorola

According to the latest reports, Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s Blackberry have overtaken Sony Ericsson and Motorola to claim the fourth and fifth spots on the top mobile phone manufacturers list of 2010. The top three places were shared by Nokia, Samsung and LG respectively. Although Nokia and LG have held on to the first and third places, their market share in 2010 when compared to the previous has come down drastically, no thanks to the iPhones anf Google’s Android based smartphones. Right now Nokia and LG are under a lot of pressure and it is also being rumored that Nokia might shelve its phone OS Symbian and join hands with Microsoft for developing smartphones. Ironically, Symbian also observed a steep decline in the last quarter of 2010.

The strong sales of Apple’s and RIM’s smartphones in the last quarter of 2010 has enabled them surpass Sony Ericsson and Motorola.

Nokia and Microsoft Partnership To Be Announced Next Week ?

We reported yesterday about the possibility of a partnership between Nokia and Microsoft happening. Looks like, there is going to be an official announcement from the two corporate giants apparently on the 11th of February which is actually the Capital Markets Day. Nokia and Microsoft would be having a partnership for the third time if this new one is to happen , with the previous two being in 2007 and 2009.

The Finnish company Nokia, once the mobile market giant (from nineties till early 21st century) is looking for a resurgence as far as its Symbian and Meego operating systems are concerned. So, a partnership with MS which has alos launched its Windows 7 phone could come in handy to face the stiff competition from Android and Apple.

The earlier partnerships have not yielded anything worthwhile, so let us hope that this partnership can get third time lucky.

Will A Nokia And Microsoft Partnership Happen?

Will a Nokia and Microsoft Partnership Happen? This is the question that all the market giants are waiting for an answer to. The question is in even more relevance now that a London based banking analyst has written to Nokia asking them to abandon their Meego OS and join hands with MS to link their phones with Windows 7 phones. The Finnish company which enjoyed its share of success during the nineties and the early part of the 21st century has been on a downhill slide ever since the launch of Apple’s iPhones and Google’s Android powered smartphones.

On the other hand, MS which tried to launch its own tablets during the early part of the first decade had failed miserably, but luckily for them, the Windows 7 phone has received positive reviews. But, they are a long way behind Apple and Google already. The Mobile World Congress which would be happening soon is a good place for these two giants to make a statement about their partnership.