Nintendo DSi & DSI XL Prices To Be Slashed

At a time when Microsoft is learned to have raised the price of its XBox Live subscriptions, Nintendo has announced that the company is slashing down on the price of their consoles – DSi and DSI XL. Following this, the Nintendo DSi will now be available at $149.99 and the DSI XL at $169.99 in the US market. As you will notice, the new prices are $20 lower than the current selling price of $169.99 and $189.99 respectively. ┬áThe prices of these consoles in UK and Japan were already slashed in June.┬áThe new prices in USA will go into effect starting September 12.

Nintendo is expected to have an exciting few months ahead with the 3DS rumored to launch soon. However, those speculations received a jolt earlier this year when we heard that the Nintendo 3DS launch in UK has been deferred until early 2011.

Let’s hope the price drop on DSi and DSI XL is only preparation for the imminent arrival of the 3DS.

Nintendo Wii GameCube Dual Shock Controller Offers Realistic Gaming

A gaming peripheral manufacturer claims to offer realistic gaming experience with the release of the Nintendo Wii & Gamecube Dual Shock controller. The controller comes with standard buttons and controls including the dual analog joystick, D-Pad, four fire action buttons and the three shoulder buttons.

In addition to this, the dual shock controller for Ninendo consoles will also come with a vibration mumble that will provide haptic vibration feedback on the controller that will provide a much higher real-time feel to the games.

Like already mentioned, the controller is compatible with both the Nintendo Wii as well as Nintendo Gamecube. Wii users will need to connect the controller pad to the connectors located on top of Wii (available beneath the flip open plate). At present, the controller is available only in white and retails at $8.65.


No Plans For Nintendo Games On iPhone And Android Devices

A study conducted by Flurry Analytics early this year showed that iOS devices now contribute to 5% of overall gaming activity that has consequently been eating away the market share held by dedicated gaming console manufacturers like Nintendo and Sony. This growth is inevitable considering that gaming consoles have all along only catered to the hard core gamers and casual gamers are now having their presence felt with smartphone platforms like the iPhone and Android handsets.

So, will Nintendo take note of this opportunity that lies in the new platforms and launch their flagship games on the iOS and Android platforms? This question was posed by Nintendo shareholders to the company CEO, Satoru Iwata.

In response, Mr. Iwata has indicated that the company has no such plans. He further points out that the games on Nintendo were “inseparable” from the hardware and hence it would not be logical to port these games for iOS and Android.

Well technically, it is possible. Just go looking for NES emulator for iPhone to try a few games.

Nintendo 3DS eReader App In The Works?

Nintendo 3DS may continue to keep its wireless connection via Wi-Fi active when the game console itself was in sleeping mode. This connection could be used to download timely news and information – This was revealed by Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata in a recent interview to Japanese newspaper Nikkei thus triggering speculations that an eReader application could be in the works for the upcoming portable console.

Nintendo unveiled its latest 3D supported gaming console at E3 recently and has tipped the device to launch during the Christmas holiday season. The device is expected to come with an onboard storage system allowing users to install games locally. The latest speculation is built over these existing speculations that will allow users to download news and other ebooks to their local storage to use the Nintendo 3DS game console as an eReader as well.

With tablet PCs like the iPad encroaching on the territories of eReaders and gaming consoles, these portable device manufacturers too have been found looking for ways to expand the horizon of their offerings to remain competitive. It will be interesting to see how this competition pans out in the long run.

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Nintendo 3DS Onboard Storage For Game Installation?

This was not disclosed during the unveiling of the Nintendo 3DS. However, a Japanese business newspaper claims that the upcoming Nintendo 3DS gaming console may allow users to store multiple games on an onboard storage device in place of the conventional cartridges.

According to Kotaku, the move can be in an attempt to curb piracy since it will make the use of R4 cartridges to store multiple games unnecessary. However, that line of thought seems unlikely since this move will actually make it easy for pirated games to be stored more conveniently on an onboard storage.

The reason for the move may then be to make the game more portable. Cartridges are seen as a technology that can inconvenience portability and Nintendo’s move may be to fight just this. But this is rumor after all, and so have a pinch of salt ready.

[via Kotaku]

Nintendo 3DS UK Launch In 2011

Here’s some early morning disappointment for UK based gamers looking to get their hands on the next big thing from Nintendo. A senior source from the company has confirmed that Nintendo 3DS shall not be reaching the English shores anytime this year.

The information comes courtesy T3 who write that the launch is now tentatively scheduled for early 2011. That would mean holiday shoppers may now have to strike 3DS out of their shopping list.

Nintendo 3DS is a next generation portable gaming console that will provide 3D gaming experience to users without the need for them to wear 3D glasses. The console was earlier expected to reach UK ahead of its launch in the US and Japanese market.

[via T3]

Nintendo DS For Left Handed People

Left handed gamers do not have it easy many times. Most games and the consoles they are played on are often built with the right handed user in mind that can often be difficult for the lefties. A recently filed patent application from Nintendo has sought rights for the technology that can make their consoles left-hander friendly as well.

This is how it will work. Users shall be asked if they are left handed or right handed. Depending on the answer, the content on the display screen shall be turned by 180 degrees so that users may use their left hand instead of their right to use the controllers.

The patent reads,

“According to this first aspect, while the second control mode is set, the image data output portion outputs the image data representing an image incident on the image pick-up portion in the orientation rotated by 180 degrees as compared with the case where the first control mode is set. The image data output from the image data output portion is stored in the storage portion under the control of the storage instruction control unit. Through such processing, typically, in a manner of use where a direction in which the information processing device is held is rotated by 180 degrees for use between a right-handed user and a left-handed use”

Nintendo DS for left hand peopleNintendo DS for left handed people

[via USPTO]

Nintendo 3DS To Launch During Christmas Holidays 2010

We have heard a few rumors about the Nintendo 3DS of late. Last week, there were speculations that the soon to be launched device might possibly incorporate a 3D camera. These reports have now been confirmed by Nintendo CFO Yoshihiro Mori.

Now we are also hearing that the Nintendo 3DS shall come with a widescreen display. Currently, the displays are in the 4:3 ratio. Also, it has been confirmed that the 3DS will come with additional security features like DRM encrypted gaming cartridges to prevent privacy.

The launch is expected to happen during the Christmas holiday season. This is noted from a FCC filing which has requested for confidentiality that expires just in time for the holiday season.

[via Kotaku]

3D Camera On Nintendo 3DS A Possibility

Ever since Sharp announced that it was launching a 3D camera module for mobile phones, speculations are rife that the technology could come available on the latest Nintendo 3DS. The speculations are not entirely baseless. Sharp and Nintendo have also been rumored to be in a partnership where the latter has been using Sharp’s glasses-free parallax barrier technology on the Nintendo 3DS. So, a 3D camera module on Nintendo 3DS is very much a possibility.

Sharp’s 3D camera module is capable of capturing 720p video in 3D. While that’s impressive, we wonder if this feature is going to add anything to Nintendo in its selling proposition. What do you think?

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Black Nintendo Wii Launch Date Announced

Rumors last week about a black colored Nintendo Wii launching in May were quite on the mark. It has now been confirmed that the gaming console shall launch in the American market on May 9th.

UberGizmo writes,

“The Black Wii will come with Wii Sports Resort and a Wii MotionPlus accessory (for games like archery) – This is like a 20% accessory + game bonus. Note that the bundles will also be available with the white Wii, starting on May 9th.”

The price of the console has been confirmed to be $199.99 by resellers and Nintendo.

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