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NDTV iPhone App – Most Downloaded iPhone App In India

New Delhi based media organization, NDTV has announced that the company’s recently launched iPhone application is now the most downloaded iPhone app in India. The announcement comes in dramatically short time – inside just 48 hours of launch. Incidentally, NDTV is India’s first TV broadcaster to have launched an iPhone app.

NDTV has seen success not just inside India, but outside it too. The app is currently the 16th most downloaded app in the news genre in USA. The corresponding numbers for UK and UAE are 10 and 1 respectively.

The success not just shows the popularity of NDTV, but also showcases the huge opportunity that media organizations have failed to exploit so far. Also evident is the lack of quality competition in the Indian app space that helped NDTV spring to the top of the charts in such a quick time.

Have you downloaded the NDTV app yet?