How To Root/Unroot Motorola Droid-X In One Simple Click

Jailbreaking is a popular activity among iPhone users wishing to get adventurous with their handsets. However, thanks to the more open nature of the Android OS, users on the Android powered handsets do not have such a need. However, if you are the kind who finds it exciting to run your handset in administrator mode, thereby being able to run scripts and alter the system files, you may probably want to root your Android device. The sad part though, is that you run the risk of bricking your $500 handset should something go wrong.

Thankfully, Motorola Droid-X users now have a simple one-click solution. Just download this application to your computer, plug in your Droid X and choose whether to root or unroot. Yes, that’s exactly what it takes.

Rooting Motorola Droid-X

But point to note here – This application only works on Windows computers and so if you are of the Mac variety, I’m sorry.

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Motorola Droid Tablet Computer Launch In November?

We do know that Motorola (NYSE:MOT) is working on tablet computers that may see a end-of-the-year launch. Now according to a note to investors, Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar has speculated that the Motorola Droid tablet PC could be launching at the start of the holiday shopping season – in November.

Now technical specifications of this new device are hard to come by. But it is being learned that the device shall come with a 10-inches display and that the tablet will run on Android 3.0 Gingerbread – not Froyo as speculated. With the latest Android versions supporting Flash on their systems, this could mean a significant advantage to these devices.

Now, there is nothing else that is known. But going by the “Droid” name, we may confirm that the device shall come locked to Verizon – which also seems to confirm that this tablet will work on 3G and not just on Wi-Fi.

Now I can’t wait to hear more about this new tablet.

Motorola Family Room – What Could This Be?

I just stumbled upon this new trademark filed by Motorola with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. At the outset, it looks like a cloud-based file sharing tool. The description field of the trademark application reads,

“Cellular phone software that allows users to share digital content, including, but not limited to, content included on calendars, chat rooms, photo albums and shared music platforms”

Motorola Family Room

There is no other information provided in the trademark application that will help us to look deeper into this trademark application. Nevertheless, the description is specific enough to give us an indication that this is a networking platform between Motorola users to share music, videos and other content with their friends over the cloud.

Is there something more that I am missing? Do put in your thoughts in the comments.

How To Root Droid-X? Step-By-Step Instructions Outed

Oh, it was only last week that I had written about the eFuse security system on the new Verizon Droid-X that could potentially brick your phone should you attempt a system root. Motorola went to great lengths to convince users that those allegations were untrue.

Motorola must stand vindicated. The Droid-X has just been rooted. Folks at the DroidX Forums have announced that the Motorola Droid-X can now be rooted via a simple 12 step process that involves the following

  • Setting up an Android Debug Bridge
  • Pushing exploid to the SQLlite statement journals
  • Change permissions on the exploid
  • Access rootshell
  • Mound SDCard and push the superuser files to the root

Of course you can find the comprehensive tutorial and answers to your questions at the Droid X forums. Do let us know if you have successfully rooted your device. Will help those who are still paranoid about bricking their new phone.

Is Your Verizon Droid-X Wi-Fi Disconnecting Frequently?

Several users have been complaining that the latest update to the new Verizon Droid X has failed to offer any significant assistance to the Wi-Fi connectivity problems that has been affecting many of those Motorola Droid-X handsets out in the wild. According to reports, users have been facing issues with the handset connecting to the router even if they are only a few feet away from the router. Several other users have been reporting frequent disconnecting of their Wi-Fi connections.

Here is a couple of posts from a Droid enthusiasts forum,

“First if i toggle WiFi off and then back on the phone will not automatically join my wifi network. I have to go to wifi settings and then it will rejoin my network. I don’t have to click on my network and join it again. I simply have to visit the menu again and it jumps back on my network.The big problem is once it is on my network the performance is terrible. Most of the time I am better off using 3G.”

“I too am having problems with my droid x connecting through wireless N mode. I’m using a Dlink DIR 655 router. I can connect when I toggle the wifi on, but it will disconnect a few seconds later. I’ve tested on G mode and it works fine with no issue whatsoever. I thought that the update would fix the issue, but it didn’t.”

If you are one of those facing the issue, you may try one of these fixes. First option – Try changing the encryption by reconfiguring  DIR-655 with TKIP instead of the default AES. Second option – change your router to work with 802.11g instead of the 802.11n network. It appears to have helped some users.

Let us know if it works for you.

Your Droid-X Display Flickers? Motorola Acknowledges There’s Problem

Yesterday, there were reports that several new Motorola Droid-X users were taken by surprise at the rapid flickering of the Droid-X display screen. Other users also reported having observed vertical banding issues on the display. According to a user, “Ian” who posted in the comments, the company has been charging users $299 just to process the replacement.

Apparently, no longer. Motorola and Verizon have issued a statement acknowledging that a very small percentage of users have observed this issue. The companies put the number at one-tenth of one percent. Motorola has apparently fixed the issue already and new handsets should not see this issue. However, if you are one of those having flickering or banding issues on your Droid-X, you may contact your local Verizon or Motorola store for a fix. Hopefully, no fee shall be charged.

Do You Notice Flickering Screen or Vertical Banding On Droid-X?

Motorola Droid-X, it seems, is having few problems of its own. After reports about the device software being caught up with a strange privacy flaw that allowed users to access text messages and call logs even after they were deleted comes reports from several users who have noticed issues with their smartphone’s display screen.

Several users have complained about a peculiar vertical banding problem on the new Droid X that frequently displays a series of vertical bars/strips on the display screen. Another set of users have also been complaining of rapid flickering on the Droid X screen.

Check out the two issues in the videos embedded below. If your phone too  behaves anything like what is shown here, then it is completely unusable.

Neither Motorola nor Verizon have acknowledged the issue so far. But expect them to address these problems soon. Anyway, it is unclear if this is a widespread issue.

Are you experiencing the same issue? Write down your experience in the comments.

Update: The companies have acknowledged an issue. Read the latest here.

Motorola Droid X – Deleted Text Message Visible On Contacts History

The Motorola Droid X may just be a few days old, but users have already started to panick about a recently revealed contacts issue on the device that can turn out to be a huge privacy flaw.

Motorola Droid X users have observed that any text messages or call log information can be accessed from their contacts page even if the information has already been deleted. Check out the video to see how it works

Motorola has not issued a statement in this regard so far. But expect them to sort this out in the next update. However, if you are looking for an immediate fix to this issue, all you need to do is set up a factory-reset. Users have reported that a factory reset is all that it takes to fix this bug.

Nevertheless, this is one issue Motorola may have done without.

Motorola Milestone XT720 UK Launch Date & Tech Specs Review

Clove – one of the popular electronics retailer in the UK has revealed that their stores will begin selling the new Motorola Milestone XT720 starting 19th of this month. That’s Monday next week.

The new Milestone phone from Motorola will come with a 3.7-inches touchscreen equipped with a virtual QWERTY keyboard. The phone runs on Android 2.1 and carries an 8-Megapixel camera with auto focus and Xenon flash. The phone also supports 720p HD video capture and mini-HDMI port for HDTV viewing. Other regular features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and accelerometer are also provided. The phone is powered by a 720MHz processor that will run on a 256MB RAM and a 512MB ROM.

The device will come SIM-free and unlocked which means you may stay with the carrier of your choice. That will also mean you have to pay an unsubsidized cost of £381.88 ($587) to secure your device . Ready for it?

What Is Motorola Droid-X eFuse Security System?

If you are the geeky kind who loves to fiddle and tinker around with gadgets, you surely might have already attempted to root your current mobile phone. That is exactly what Motorola is attempting to stop.

The Motorola Droid-X contains a freshly installed security system called eFuse. The Android phone contains an eFuse chip on the board where Motorola can write information to after it is put to use. Motorola uses information from the bootloader that is passed on and gets written over this eFuse chip. Technically, eFuse verifies the information from bootloader every time you load the phone.

However, in case eFuse fails to recognize the information from the bootloader, then it receives a command to “blow the fuse” or “trip the fuse“. What this means is that the booting process shall be corrupted thereby bricking your phone.

This information should be relevant to 99% of the users out there. However, if you are that small bunch that loves to root your phone to customize it to your likings, the Motorola Droid-X may not be the ideal device to carry.